finally I feel able to work again at home. This week will be wonderful. I have my table(s), I have my pencils and I have a lot of things I want to finish. Weee!!!

3 tables and finally I can use my drawing table again :D So happy.
Hope I can post some sketches at the week-end.


London -36 hours

Thursday.... London. Leo and me went to London for the MCA09. After searching for bloody three days for a proper outfit (dresscode black tie =_=; ), it was kinda odd to wake up int the middle of the night, sitting in traffic jam and having 1 hour delay. Last time I was in London... ages ago. I just wish we had more time.
hello sky...
Finally in Heathrow... Leo stomping along.

I hate those... everytime I think: "What if you stumble? That's gonna be a long way down."

Leicester Street... so crowded. 3 Minutes walk to the National Gallery and the Hotel. 1 hour left till receiption. Gahhh!!!

Location: Strand Hotel. I think we were the youngest... Leo was for sure. Most people were around 40-50. I think I don't have to tell anybody how boring an offical gala can be, anyways we had some interesting people on our table. Or at least those less drunk. :P

in the morning Leo and I were sleepy but we decided to walk around a bit longer. My feet... boots+ long walk = bad idea.