till Sunday- conhoppin again :D

The cats love the huge case a lot. Especially Tretel is crazy about it- I guess he wants to go to Bonn as well.
I am happy I actually *can* attend the con since the side-effects of Penecillin fade slowly. If you ever take that medicin: Prepare for an unwanted diet O___o;
Hope I see some friends and people I know there. I am so looking forward to see JD, who's giving courses for the Comicademy I think.
I'll take some pics for those who have to stay at home. Promised.


Into A Fairytale- Der Blog... oder so?!

... ich habe keine Ahnung, wieviel die Agenturen für "Leibniz- der Keks" und "Volkswagen- das Auto" bekommen haben.
Wer "neununddreizigneunzig" (Originaltitel "99 Francs")) kennt, dem dürfte der Slogan/Claim verdächtig bekannt vorkommen. Das Buch erschien 2000 und fällt für mich in die Kategorie Autounfall-Lektüre - furchtbar, aber aufhören kann man doch nicht, weil man hofft, es könnte auf der nächsten Seite besser werden.
Ich gratuliere also allen, die bis Seite 216 (Softcover, rororo) gekommen sind und den alten Slogan für sich (und Leibniz... und Volkswagen) entdeckt haben. Das Buch kostet 9,90... ich hoffe doch, der Slogan war nicht teurer.

Anstatt immer wieder alte, durchaus bekannte Slogans mit heißem Wasser aufzugießen, sollte doch noch genug Kreativität im Kopf sein, um uns als arme Kosumenten nicht immer mit den gleichen Sachen zu langweilen.
Immer wenn jemand auf die Idee kommt, "XY- Das XY" zu benutzen, denke ich mir: "Hm.. also vor 7 Jahren fand ich den auch noch ganz phänomenal!"

Oder vielleicht ist es schon wieder "retro" oder gibt es auch "vintage slogans"? Wer weiß...

oh really... come on....

Ladies... Gents.. please stop posting commercial comments. I will delete those anyway- spare me and yourself those 10 seconds.
If you want to have more pageviews or whatever write something interesting people want to read. Spamming blogs you don't even read doesn't help at all. I have no idea who invented this but it's not cool at all. :/


Best place to nap...

My table seems to be the perfect place to nap on and under. Hantje prefers sleeping on the table furring everything. :/ I can't say that I'm not used to it since Kiki did the same but it's weird to see that she choses exactly *that* place.
I try to convince myself that she likes the sound of the keyboard and being close...

 I shall call you my napping place and fuzzle you and you shall be my napping place...

Good thing is that I can take macroshots while she sleeps. The only problem is that the mouse cursor is still a very intersting thing to play with. On my Eizo screen... I guess I have to find a solution for that problem.


Hantje and Scouts

Finally I got the new "Mittendrin" magazine (it's for scouts ;) )
First time I was asked to do the cover and it won't be the last. I just hope my illustration will get better. I am happy with the result but I see my mistakes and think "dang..."

I like the red head the most.... she has cute freckles... O_O Can't draw those that often.
The dragon is totally in need of a brace..... and a diet.

Shortstory illustration for "Midir".
And Hantje again for the cute happy end. She looks like she's smeared lipstick on. Actually it's just her pink mouth... in real life it looks like cute piggy pink.


250 km

Hantje found a new place to sit, play, nerve and sleep: Right on my desk. What is really irritating is that she loves the mouse arrow which makes it kinda impossible to work since you have your whole screen "pawed" by her.
Yesterday Ty and me visited my family -celebrating two birthsdays- and we drove right into a thunderstorm. It's been a long time since I was in the middle of such a thunderstorm. Partially the streets went down under and although it was fun to drive through the puddles of water it made a little mess in our time-table. Oh well...
Gucci... Hantje and Tretel's half-brother. He is SO HUGE. When we first saw him we both went like "omg, that's not a cat!". I have no idea if he grew a lot or we aren't used to huge cats anymore but we both pray that ours won't get that big. He's a meanie btw.
Sunflowers in my parent's garden. I love that garden, it's so unbelievable huge....
Wine- still green. That one grew in the garden when I was a baby as well. I have no idea how old the plants are but the wine is sugar-sweet in autumn (one reason for regular visits... hehe).
my father's passion for wood... it's just a detail shot since I didn't manage to get the whole thing on a photo without stumbling right into the raspberries.
Oh YUMMY! I love tomatos. Thanks god my parents still think we pratically starve in Berlin and lavish vegetables and fruits on us every time we visit. :D
Getting closer to Berlin again. I stood up at 06:30 and was back home at 02:something.... So tired. We slept longer than expected but fresh air from out of town makes me always tired.


The Yellow Dino

Original character belongs to Yudi. Love that critter! Only a little fan service... rare thing.


Black n White n a Fail

study for something I didn't finish because it was canceled. I might say "thanks god" or "darn" or "unhappy me" but I guess it's okay since I suck in painting humans a lot lately.
Drawing animals all the time for projects doesn't help at all solving the problem. I guess it's always like that if you have decide for your "style" and oh my if mine shall be cute chubby animals for the rest of my life I won't start complaining.

but damn, my general concept was so nice. The only thing I'm unhappy about.


Comics you should read...

are those of Lew.
follow the white rabbit

I love her comics. Not only because Hanni and Tretel (after the last week named "Hantje and Tretje"... since Hanni IS orange) got their very own comic :3



... tends to be unspellable for people who have no idea what it's used for.
Actually it's an autograph card on thick paper with a fancy silver frame.
My summer Shikishi for for the AnimagiC in Bonn, Germany will look like this:

after doing Kulla Shikishis this one is kinda great (not that the others were not great but Chubs give a lot more possibilites). I had some really odd ideas but this one was the best without giving too many spoilers.

Ugly watermark because it's a must.

Whoever wants the card should attend the AnimagiC convention in Bonn at the end of this month.


The day I buried my computer...

It's SO EFFIN HOT. Gods... thankfully the cats are happy with a plastic bag although it tends to be kinda annyoing if you have to concentrate with "kr schkrschkr" all the time.
Plastic bag dilberately destroyed. Goal achieved.

I spend the whole day rescueing/saving my old files... I didn't think it would take that long but well...

Hilarious slippers. I would never wear those outside but for "Cat wants to chew on your toes"-protection those are fine... It can't get any uglier though. And I realized that I am as pale as a corpse. No intention to melt in the sun though... 42° are not funny anymore.

Treadle likes those as well. I never had a cat with such a huge shoe fetisch.

Treadle: "They suit me, don't they?"
Anne: "..."

And: The evil package of doom (doom means= because of you I'm literally broke, you.. you... arf!). Computer is not back up... hope I can get everything done tomorrow :(
It sucks a lot.

PS. If you ever consider buying the suite, buy the englisch version. The german costs 1500 Euro more. Can anybody explain why anybody should pay 200% of the normal price?! I don't get it.

Yesterday I got bad news for my current job. Which leads me back to my project. If something isn't working out the way you want it, skip it and do what you *can* do. I am still angry though... spend so much time on something that will never be finished. Well, at least it taught me a lesson. Never to late to learn something, right?



Dear Tendo, I didn't miss you...
why did you come back?


Oh my pencil!

Week 2 with a book cover. Finally we're getting there- the final concept. But it was and is a very long walk but every time I get one little piece of the puzzle together I mentally make a cross... next step... next dozens sheets of paper.
Working with an author is really exhausting. Mostly because you can't look into his or her head. It's different and sometimes difficult but I enjoy it as much as it scares me because there are not only my expectations but also those of somebody else.

Can't show all those fail sketches but I will... when I'm allowed to like in... 2 years o.o


Dieses Ding kann einfach alles!

Eine Lieblingsbeschäftigung -und definitv amüsanter als die beste Komödie, wenn auch sehr sinnlos- von mir ist das Lesen von bizarr-witzigen Rezensionen bei Amazon. Es hat den Anschein, dass daraus teilweise ein regelrechter Wettkampf wird. Sehr zu meiner Freude, da die meisten nicht nur erheiternde Beiträge darstellen, sondern auch -meistens- sehr... nennen wir es einfallsreich sind.
Falls jemand noch nicht über diese Juwelen der Herstellerveralberung gestoßen ist, möge den Links folgen und sich freuen über geteilte Schadenfreude:
(man muss dazu wissen, dass bis vor eine paar Tagen noch eine BIRNE als Produktbild angezeigt wurde... )