Pokey Kittehs...

... want outside... finally.
We're currently installing (or trying to) the cat wire network outside on the balcony. Birdie HD TV in that case.


Kulla speed-felting *yowzaaa*

Awwww! Kulla looks a bit gloomy but hell, I never knew how to felt so this is epic anyway.

On monday I had one of those rare moments - in the middle of a night- where I knew a idea was creeping right into my head. I can't explain it in any better way but it's like sensing something's coming up and if you're lucky it doesn't vanish right before you can grab it.
I can remember every three times I had that moments and all were book plot moments. I know I'm a whack...

Anybody else every experienced it?


Flip it, Babe! -Photoshop and OpenGL

The Rotation tool of Photoshop CS5 is one of the best inventions ever. I supsected CS5 wouldn't offer (to me) anything I really love but ... gods, I love rotation when I need straight(er) lines and it comes in handy if you need to ink or work neat.

don't ask what the motive is.... anyways, big file is big. I guess you'll be able to see everything....

More information by Adobe can be found here:
and here:

I know Painter had it for ages but as some people might have painfully experienced Painter seems to be unable to NOT crash. I mostly work with 600 dpi and I doubt Painter would have liked my game board with 2 m width and 600 dpi.

Hope somebody didn't know the Rotation tool and loves it as much as I do now :)


Art Academy Bao

Lazy ass at the moment. I'm always tired but since the Nintendo DSi is so small and light I'd favor it as my couch buddy right now. Everybody's heading to Leipzig right now... I travel into the opposite direction and spend my week-end in Hamburg with Sonja.