Wrap me in cute

Leskins licensed some of my works via AWH agency. Kitteh Pumkin and some more are available for laptops and iphone/itouch. I really want it for my own netbook... hnnn!!!!

all available at: Leskins

@home with a stiff neck again. This sucks. :(
Wear fancy scarfs ladies, or else you end like me. >_> ... arg!!!


petit dames

I really wanted to finish a lot of sketches, finish some girls and finish mostly everything flying around here but alas, short on time again.
I just started preparing stuff for the next con (Saturday-Sunday... OMG... THIS WEEK!!!) and realized that I have nothing done. Like.. zero. Arg!!!

It's kinda funny and odd that my girls will be published whereas no foreign publisher is interested in Kulla. Weird. Isn't it?

And while fuzzing over buttons, pocket mirrors, three games, one book and -feels like- millions of open commissions I wonder how it comes those Christmas chocolate Santas pop up everywhere. Is it already THAT late? I had no idea.. .somehow those months vanish and at New Years Eve I wonder: Oh... that's all?! Done? Nothing left? Wow...

Have you already started buying presents?


Chubbanimals Calendar 2010

finally done. :D
You can find the calendar in Deviantart's shop here


Les Dames -Zodiacs

done for a polish magazine. Will be out in November. woot!



... imagine the rest of my college block. Everything full of doodles... sometimes just... centimeters are left for taking notes o_o


Chubbanimals Postcards Vol 2

for more information click on the headline. colors are crap... as always when I don't take the pics in the morning with natural light. Trust me, they look sooooo much better in real.


So close to finish

Those weeks... oh my. I have been doing so many illustrations for the calendar, rushing through months that my hand finally started hurting again. It's okay... means I have to take a break soon. Two and a half illustration and I'm done.
Just to have a long list waiting. Ha haaa 0_0

anyway... many people asked if I could do a tutorial (na, you don't really want to see how I work). Tutorials are kinda okay but as books tutorials won't speak and a static tutorial can't really show *how* you work just which functions you use.

I thought about doing a live-stream for the cover illustration. It's a simple illustration but I hope it shows.... that messy work leads to a result.
Good Idea? Bad idea?

Things you might learn: How NOT to paint.... how to smudge intelligent (or not... I smudge a lot and I admit it... I hate airbrush brushes but I won't paint gazillion times over the same part if it takes 3 seconds with my cloud brush... )... how to skip the idea after 3 hours and start from zero... messy sketching... chaos. Yup, generally chaos.

Seeing Kiki tomorrow :D 16,3 years and I'm still excited every time I see my dinosaurus cat. Wee! Gonna make some pics. She should be fluffy again with winter-fur allover.


Royal De Luxe in Berlin

Today the Giants performance started. I couldn't see everything because I had an appointment but anyways I could take some photos of the girl coming along the street. What an event! She's so wonderful...

On Saturday the boy and the girl will meet at the "Brandenburger Tor". I'm 100%ly going to watch that.