Hello Essen....

 My hubby and I... went to Essen and fangirled (I did at least) at the SPIEL. And though it was exhausting it was heaps of fun. I wish I could write a bit more about it but honestly it has to wait till the end of November when three four deadlines are over.
I should be inking for the junior scouts (deadline tomorrow) right now but at least some words:
My eyes are still bleeding from the game art work. Some were beyong awesome and I have such a huuuuggeeeeee WANT-list it's scary.

I had to post this one because the game title is simply awesome and I wonder if any other kind of lol speak will ever make it into a game title. I guess I could vote for "I can has your Karte?" for the next card game but I doubt my editor would love the idea as much as I do. Sadly.

We had free evening and watched "cloudy with occasional meatballs 2" (I loved it) and "Ender's game" (still unsure if I like the books more but it was effect galore nevertheless). When I have some time and we manage to test some of the board game we bought I'll post some more pics.
We met Dheny and his folks which was a pleasure as always.

Till next year, I guess? :)


no con for me...

This week-end the MMC rocked Berlin and I couldn't be there :< Honeymoon, wedding and the car accident my parents had took away too much time and I'm still trying to catch up. Meaning I spent my week with wombats, weird orange birds, several mugs of black tea and coffee and Ane Brun. Her interpretation of Jóga (Björk) rocks but if you have never heard of Ane Brun, click here and enjoy.

Thanks god at least somebody thought of me *yes, totally lamenting* and Marina aka the really nice Yumkeks spent some evening hours with me. I think I babbled about ten million boring things whereas I really wanted to know how the con was. Arg! I'm getting old.