*drooling* Fan-Plush Kulla

That is SO FREAKING cool! I love the plush (and already asked for one I can have XD). The girl who made it can be found here. Isn't Kulla cute? Isn't she???? Aww.... *drooling at the screen*


need a little magic

burned my fingertip today... which makes hitting keys pretty hard and mistyping all the time. Argg...
A bit work in progress... with a chubby fairy version of Kiki requested by somebody from Deviantart.

sketched in my moleskine with blue pen (thanks to Lew!)

Lew scans it and cleans it..

 Flats... done by Lew as well (I feel pretty useless without her to be honest XD )
correction of base colors and first color blocking done... by me...

soon to be pretty without outlines. At the moment looking rather odd.
I think the best or worse part is finetuning when the details come out nice (or not) and the shapes get clear and everything looks just "right". At the moment the dress doesn't look right but it's okay... not finished and i think it's good to show the steps between messed up and "pretty" ;)

Kiki recently got a lot of very ugly and stupid outfits. The more I make the less I think she's not gonna end up in another butt-ugly costume. Alas, she wears those with grace.


Yoga Tretel

Lew requested more pics of my cats... so here we go. I would be able to post 1 odd pic per day.. seriously I have no idea why Tretel loves sleeping with a blanked or on his back (like a dead cat) or like this.
Anyways, always worth a smile or a pic ;)
Hantje looks like a pudding cat. She got very fluffy (and a bit fat) and seems to melt on he ground like a blob. O_o


new sketches

... love the cookie jar.:D


Hikari No Densetsu- Tonkam

Anybody still knows Hikari? Good news for those who loved the old series: Tonkam publishes it. I already wrote about "Aishite Knight" and this is just another pretty old series some of the "older generation" of manga fans and ogling anime watches might know.

1 BD (manga) will cost 9 euro and I guess they will be as thick as Aishite Knight (which is.... very thick!). Volume one will be released at the end of this month. If you can read French and love Hikari: buy them. :D I certainly will buy the fist volume and write a review about it. Nothing better than some old-school charm.



One thing I can warmly suggest to everybody is making your own custom brushes in Photoshop... I made a lot in the last months. It makes sense if you need highres and printable brushes and some matching to your style.

Brushes will be brushes after all and you'll likely recognize those but it also means that you have a result without people saying "Ah, I use those as well...." well... doh... not good.

Sometimes people complain: It's all brushed! Oh well, and on canvas it isn't? I use a feather brush for grass, so that's not "cheating"? Or a broken brush for small flower-spots? See, I guess it really depends if you can mold those into your idea or not.
Worst is if you are too lazy and use one that "happens to be available".
Take your time and create some on your own :)



 Ty and I finally managed to finish (or start) to bar the balcony. Obviously curious cats would do some very bad things without a net. It took 2 days and alltogether around 11 hours. The balcony is old and has everything but a smooth surface which meant being... very creative.
 Hantje loves the new view and Tretel found out that you have excellent birdie-TV in the evening when swallos fly around.
 Longcat is long (and looks fat... though he isn't O_o)
 Hantje yesterday... unsure if she likes what she sees. Hard to please...
 Tretel yesterday... he as well didn't really know if the balcony is a good thing. At the moment he's napping in the doorway and I think they both love the additional space.
Best situation ever... cats on two legs look hilarious. No way to have grace in those moments.

Otherwise no news. Limping around, trying not to work though I have to. Having the balcony "back" offers doodling outside and that is really great (and resulted in 12 sketches already).