Chubbible Day 9 & some pens

"momonga nap" (Bao might fall down.... wouldn't be the first time though...)

"Weapon Of Mass Destruction" (a short sighted skunk isn't really the best neighbour... )

and my pigment liners /roller:
1. Signo Pen with metal tip: perfect for highlights in combination with water colour, copics, tombows but not with gel roller (that will cause bad smudges)
2. Signo pen black 0.28 with metal tip. My alltime favourite when I have a book signing. :3 very thin lines. Works good with water colours. Might be tricky with tombows and copics though.
3. Pentel Slicci: Awesome for shading sketches in black-n-white. Very smooth lines and oh so fine for details. Problematic with water colours and tombow. The japanese seller told me copics are no problem but I doubt that a little... BEST choice for black and white work though. I am a bit torn between Signo and Slicci but Slicci is better -although I didn't want to admit it >_<
4. Edding 1800 Profi pen 0.1 (available in 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 as well and different colors): Awesome for linework you want to colorate afterwards. Best choice -i think- for all three options (tombow, water colour and copic). I did my ET Hippo with that and this pen never ever caused problems.
5. Copic Multi liner: I know most people worshop those but I have the feeling that there is much less ink in than eg in Eddings. And the tip... well, I don't like it. And regarding price: Edding and Steadler are cheaper and in my opinion better. The only good thing might be that if an Edding is too thick you can still take a 0.05 Copic and add details.
6. Staedtler Pigment Liner: Second option for working with outlines and coloration. It smugded only one time and i think only because i didn't wait long enough.

... and the heads. Left Signo (Slicci looks the same but is slim and straight), right Edding (same head as Copic and Staedtler).
I LOVE the steel head. It's so much more comfort to draw with that one if you work with a bit more pressure (like I normally do). The biggest problem of steel-nip combination is that the tip vanishes with too much pressure or bends or breaks or splits (had that... uncool). Those accidents are impossible with a full steel head. But... I am still waiting for a 100%ly water-resistent solution for those.


Chubbible Day 8

wrong liner taken which resulted in smudged colors... urg... anyways, i love the second pose. It's so typical for young cats.

something of Bao... fuzzing with liner isn't really... possible. Will try another one tomorrow >_<

And something really sad. I got a letter yesterday from my mum. I guess it's too hard to tell something like that on the telephone -for both sides. Kiki died two days ago. After 17 years she left us. On the 25th when I was at home i had the feeling it's the last time i see her alive. And I was right. I miss her so much.
I found her and her sister when I was ten. 17 years are a long time filled with many memories. She was the most wonderful cat I ever had and I think no cat will be as cute, charming and patient as she was.
I hope she's in cat heaven now.


Chubbible Days (6-7)

This one was not sooo cool but it's okay. I have to draw more hippo. I totally forgot how the little critter works. Day 7 (finished this night while watching Alien O_o). Both images are connected to a project but I think this one digitally redone will rock. I am so happy I bought two white Signo Liners. Sometimes the lines are everything bit controllable but it's so nice to have the opportunity to lighten things up afterwards. >_<

For those who want to know how the pencil looks like:

I use the black version as well for sketching and outlines. :) Good with watercolours and copics, bad with tombows.


Chubbible Days

Christmas holidays are always great. Especially if you find some time to sketch. I did so and still do. One sketch per day (or 2 or 3)... most of those will definitely turn into digital paintings. I am sooo looking forward to start :D ... but job first :( ewwww...

Days 2 "Pinchin"

Day 3 "Hippo Diving"
... and yes i know i forgot the tail... no idea why. Maybe because my mum was trying to sort the dishes around and on my drawing stuff... arg >_<;

Day 4 "Bugged"
Cats and bugs and everything moving... normally ends bad for the bug.

Day 5 "Headstand party"

Day 6 "Kitteh Yoga poses"

24th of December: sketch time in the evening... Kiki sleeping. I really wanted to finish my sketches but she turned around too quick every time I tried.

Today: finding the (mostly) perfect wrap up for my pencils ... and a new water color box, water colors, new moleskine (because it was so perfectly grabable right in front of me), new canvases for some presents (linen of course) and ... a horrifying bill. Oh well...

I happen to like those Tombows a lot. Watercolor is fine and Tomobows won't allow you every color mixing but for quick sketches inbetween those are great.


christmas and moleskinned -day 1

masking fluid... don't use it that often but it's kinda nice to have the option.. although my Torchon paper doesn't really like it :/

coffee... check... watercolors... check... image.. oh noes but check...

btw the motive was requested for christmas if anybody thinks the topic is weird. Anyways, as you can see the masked space stays white. As it should have... :3

... after the third layer of sepia-orange mix... the structure is a result of coloring with a fan-brush

i really have to get back into watercolors... the only (biggest) problem is that my colors are partially 11 years old and I really want to have a 3-row metall box. :( With new colors.. ummm

finished :3 and since i have a kink for gimmicks...

... it glows in the dark. And those sparkle stars glow a lot. It's a bit complicated to make a good shot in the dark though =.=
The next two weeks I have a bit free time and got my new moleskine AND have to do some "homeworks" for chubbanimals... so every day (or so I hope) one chub-sketch.

starting with Pong... it's the original idea for the Pong mug.
Little fat critter... *poking*... hehe >_<
:::Signo pen, tombow dual brush and water-color:::

wonderful christmas to all!


Evening mood(y)

... and again some thing for work. ARG, i wanna post Hobbles!!! But i have to wait till Friday :(


Go pastel

something for work ... :3


gloomy factory

unfinished.... the result drove a lot of people crazy. Hope some more will enjoy pure madness XD


Mah Girls In Mag :3




and capricorn

and a little peek of the new homepage layout. This gonna be very.... violet-pink o_O
but I like it with all the little critters displayed.

what do you think?



"Księga Wróżb i Magii 2010" is the magazine (polish, for those who wonder)

All in: Les Dames 2009

will update, when I get the mag



Something (just a small part of the rest) I've been working on for... felt ages. There are 10 more graphics to do and I'm like "omg, omg, omg!!!". So exciting.
Once again I'm surprised how good you can work with people you barely know. Eduardo for example. He lives in Portugal and I have never seen him. But telepathically ideas are pinging from my head to his and back and so on and it's fun to work with his Studio. Even late at night, quizzing new ideas.

Since most of the time it's like "Let's see if the customer will like it" this is really relaxing.

This is a rough sketch for a wedding card (for Tobi and Mags who will celebrate in summer). The whole card is HUGE (a complete train...) and I have to finish on monday. Anyways, my second personal card for a couple and I guess not the last one. Making those cards is nice. You get to know the couple (a bit at least) and you know: Those won't buy the standard cards. Hurray!


another screen of Pong

a screenshot for those who still think Photoshop = awesomeness of million layers. I paint on one. The box location is as the name says a help for finding the correct location of the boxes. One plain background-layer and the sketch layer and that's it. It doesn't make the painting any faster. Maybe even more annoying. but I think it looks homogenic afterwards.

And again I realize how different my SyncMaster and the expensive NEC monitor display the colors (btw. the much cheaper SyncMaster is better... so much for a difference of 1000 Euro in price... haha).


Lost Delivery

Color sketch for my next pic ... Pong heard something... and just saw a shadow flying by.
"Mister... you lost... some things!"


Wrap me in cute

Leskins licensed some of my works via AWH agency. Kitteh Pumkin and some more are available for laptops and iphone/itouch. I really want it for my own netbook... hnnn!!!!

all available at: Leskins

@home with a stiff neck again. This sucks. :(
Wear fancy scarfs ladies, or else you end like me. >_> ... arg!!!


petit dames

I really wanted to finish a lot of sketches, finish some girls and finish mostly everything flying around here but alas, short on time again.
I just started preparing stuff for the next con (Saturday-Sunday... OMG... THIS WEEK!!!) and realized that I have nothing done. Like.. zero. Arg!!!

It's kinda funny and odd that my girls will be published whereas no foreign publisher is interested in Kulla. Weird. Isn't it?

And while fuzzing over buttons, pocket mirrors, three games, one book and -feels like- millions of open commissions I wonder how it comes those Christmas chocolate Santas pop up everywhere. Is it already THAT late? I had no idea.. .somehow those months vanish and at New Years Eve I wonder: Oh... that's all?! Done? Nothing left? Wow...

Have you already started buying presents?


Chubbanimals Calendar 2010

finally done. :D
You can find the calendar in Deviantart's shop here


Les Dames -Zodiacs

done for a polish magazine. Will be out in November. woot!



... imagine the rest of my college block. Everything full of doodles... sometimes just... centimeters are left for taking notes o_o


Chubbanimals Postcards Vol 2

for more information click on the headline. colors are crap... as always when I don't take the pics in the morning with natural light. Trust me, they look sooooo much better in real.


So close to finish

Those weeks... oh my. I have been doing so many illustrations for the calendar, rushing through months that my hand finally started hurting again. It's okay... means I have to take a break soon. Two and a half illustration and I'm done.
Just to have a long list waiting. Ha haaa 0_0

anyway... many people asked if I could do a tutorial (na, you don't really want to see how I work). Tutorials are kinda okay but as books tutorials won't speak and a static tutorial can't really show *how* you work just which functions you use.

I thought about doing a live-stream for the cover illustration. It's a simple illustration but I hope it shows.... that messy work leads to a result.
Good Idea? Bad idea?

Things you might learn: How NOT to paint.... how to smudge intelligent (or not... I smudge a lot and I admit it... I hate airbrush brushes but I won't paint gazillion times over the same part if it takes 3 seconds with my cloud brush... )... how to skip the idea after 3 hours and start from zero... messy sketching... chaos. Yup, generally chaos.

Seeing Kiki tomorrow :D 16,3 years and I'm still excited every time I see my dinosaurus cat. Wee! Gonna make some pics. She should be fluffy again with winter-fur allover.


Royal De Luxe in Berlin

Today the Giants performance started. I couldn't see everything because I had an appointment but anyways I could take some photos of the girl coming along the street. What an event! She's so wonderful...

On Saturday the boy and the girl will meet at the "Brandenburger Tor". I'm 100%ly going to watch that.



finally I feel able to work again at home. This week will be wonderful. I have my table(s), I have my pencils and I have a lot of things I want to finish. Weee!!!

3 tables and finally I can use my drawing table again :D So happy.
Hope I can post some sketches at the week-end.


London -36 hours

Thursday.... London. Leo and me went to London for the MCA09. After searching for bloody three days for a proper outfit (dresscode black tie =_=; ), it was kinda odd to wake up int the middle of the night, sitting in traffic jam and having 1 hour delay. Last time I was in London... ages ago. I just wish we had more time.
hello sky...
Finally in Heathrow... Leo stomping along.

I hate those... everytime I think: "What if you stumble? That's gonna be a long way down."

Leicester Street... so crowded. 3 Minutes walk to the National Gallery and the Hotel. 1 hour left till receiption. Gahhh!!!

Location: Strand Hotel. I think we were the youngest... Leo was for sure. Most people were around 40-50. I think I don't have to tell anybody how boring an offical gala can be, anyways we had some interesting people on our table. Or at least those less drunk. :P

in the morning Leo and I were sleepy but we decided to walk around a bit longer. My feet... boots+ long walk = bad idea.