Something (just a small part of the rest) I've been working on for... felt ages. There are 10 more graphics to do and I'm like "omg, omg, omg!!!". So exciting.
Once again I'm surprised how good you can work with people you barely know. Eduardo for example. He lives in Portugal and I have never seen him. But telepathically ideas are pinging from my head to his and back and so on and it's fun to work with his Studio. Even late at night, quizzing new ideas.

Since most of the time it's like "Let's see if the customer will like it" this is really relaxing.

This is a rough sketch for a wedding card (for Tobi and Mags who will celebrate in summer). The whole card is HUGE (a complete train...) and I have to finish on monday. Anyways, my second personal card for a couple and I guess not the last one. Making those cards is nice. You get to know the couple (a bit at least) and you know: Those won't buy the standard cards. Hurray!

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