I should....

try to keep my sketches cleaner. Those are plants ... for those who really don't see anything in this mess. XD
This year i decided to actually LEARN something: Patience. That's why I am totally optimistic that I will be able to finish all detail-loaded backgrounds before my arm (who get's proper cooling every evening :/ ... better than everything else against the bloody tendo) finally falls off.



i wish there was a "done" button for backgrounds....


pretty in pink

weee!!!! *sparkle sparkle*
I was in time *well mostly* for all deadlines this week.
scouts: done
scout's juniors: done
tokyopop: done

my week-end: will be relaxing.... I am so gonna test my new paper (if I find my arm bandage o_o.... 95 qm² leave a lot of possibilities of losing/hiding/forgetting things o.o)


Little Alien

.... or so does a little baby look. I felt like back into grammar school crawling through all those books and pages looking up the different states of an embryo. Why? Because that's one of those things I do atm. Drawing babies.

I got my comic paper yesterday and my new light table arrives tomorrow. I will take some pics and write a review as soon as I get a chance to do so (hopefully the week-end). I have no idea how much money I spend on new equipment over the past months but it was A LOT. And still a new screen and desktop PC are on the list. GAWWWDD.



mah, i love those color schemes... but my PC hates the work. Died a million times and I already start doubting working on the other three will be any better. Whenever a customers asks for 80x60 cm images my computer totally fails. I really want a new one _._
Next to that... new comics, new illustrations, scouts, more scouts... even more scouts. Where January was smooth February gets busy and work-loaded.


Light me up! :D

we finally get closer to a final color... hurray! *cuddlestodeath*


Stalker Wallpaper

... we all had those scary situations...