Animaco 2012!

Trärääää! Und plötzlich ging es sooo schnell! O_O Dieses Wochenende findet die animaco in Berlin statt. Ich werde dort sein! Natürlich bei den Zeichnern und hoffentlich seelig zwischen Mirjam, Marina und vielen mehr.

Was ich dabei habe, könnt ihr euch HIER ansehen. Ich hatte schon ganz vergessen, wieviel STRESS die ganze Vorbereitung macht @_@ Ein paar mehr Leute haben auch die Option der Reservierung genutzt und vorbestellt und man, hier siehts aus. Wie in einer Trollhöhle mit gefühlt tausend Paketen.

Trotzdem! Ich freu mich druff und vielleicht sehen wir uns ja :3 Ich krakel gerne in Conhons, insofern mich nicht wieder jemand nach "einem kawaii Charakter aus One Piece" oder "son Pokemonster, na du weißt schon, so wai halt" fragt. Da frag ich mich manchmal, wo die Kids ihr Deutsch lernen und seit wann "wai" ein Wort ist.*kopfkratz*




Tretel is a real man... now

Tretel catched his first bird yesterday- a young titmouse. Through the wired cat-net we have on the balacony. I was stunned, horrified and proud at the same time.
Lucky he is a wanna-play-cat and didn't kill the bird immediately. Thank god I am sick and home right now. O_o Otherwise we'd have a dead bird and even more feathers in the apartement. I snatched the birdie and set him free. He wasn't injured and everything seem to be still in place. After heavily breathing for 15 minutes he finally took off.
Tretel was highly dissapointed and lamented the whole time.

I am still horrified AND proud. Twisted mind of a cat owner I'd say.


Oh wee!

I am currently in quaratine with a virus which is kinda odd and annoying and I'm staring at the ceiling and think "I sooo want to do something... anything...". Next to having problems with a sore throat and coughing and sitting around doing practically nada I wanted to say: SPIEL fair was so cool!
I was overwhelmed like a kid in candystore.
I met Dheny and Dirk and those two being -in my opinion- hardcore boardgamer we tested two games and though they totally stressed me out... I bought them.
If you wonder:
Panic Lab
Prepare for sweat if you buy those!
I am happy Dheny dragged us along, I think I'd never found Panic Lab myself. I met some colleagues, saw a lot of nerds, even more nerds and the hardcore nerds and I really want to be there next year as well. Oh Ty will crawl up the walls when he reads this. I guess I should tell him beforehand.

Oh, and since the Carcassonne Winter-Edition is FINALLY out:
The cover illustration- a collab with Irene (engelszorn.deviantart.com). I am so pleased how the whole game came out in print. If you remember this you know what I was working on. The detail work was imo worth the cramps since the details are still there, tiny tiny details you can see if you look very close. It's so awesome.
I am still amazed that I could do this and got into happy bunny mode as soon as I could get my hands on a package. Raww!!!! :D

And because I post never rarely pics of myself... the current me is this:
It's nice how much eating healthy (I eat a lot nevertheless... and I really mean A LOT) and sports can do for you. I highly recommend it. If you have a desk job being a couch potato is no option- that's the lesson I learned. 

*pressing the publish button before I start regretting it >_< *


Cute galore!

*click for bigger image*
Next to finishing pages, 2 board games and keeping up with social life (I am still surpirse I keep that one steady... wow) AND normal work I prepared some things for the Animaco in Berlin.
I got my proof prints yesterday and realized these went horribly wrong with a flipped backside. Lew said she wouldn't mind but I mind a lot and less than perfect is not on my Wanted list.

Everything's already in pre-sale since I have no problem with first come, first serve. If I end up having three mugs and only buttons left... oh well, it will be fun anyway.

If you are still looking for cute christmas gifts read the journal entry HERE.


There is no "too small"

apparently... it's getting cold and huddling together seems to be the perfect idea. Even if it's your annoying big bro.