Oink! :D

I bet the final pig also glows at night.... couldn't pick up my game this week because I was sick *mimimi* but I'll post some photos next week. :)


Trees in Panels

... can be total sucker...
 The actual size of the panel.... because honestly.. every tried to add details to the a stamp size? O_o I failed which meant working with 600 dpi was a good decision.
 sketch and ... flats done by Lew... and a long road to go...
 Adding the leaves, erasing a lot and adding branches because it looked unbalanced. Adding things and erasing things happens all the time. I made the sketch (I think) 7 months ago??? Some months later you pretty much feel a lot wise ;)
 Depening the texture of the branch without going too much into hardcore realism because that's what I 100%ly don't want to achieve (and never will).
 Adding a bit of light....
... and correcting the contrast and bluring out the end of every branch because it looks too hard otherwise.

Still need to do the background, foreground, birds, details and the... whole rest of the page but that's pretty much it.
The leaves are 2 custom brushes and before you ask for those: Create some yourself, it's much better if you know how your tools react and why they actually react like that. I am still updating and cleaning my own set and it's worth the time you invest.



My dad wanted me to become a city clerk. My mum possibly something between police officer and piercing shop owner (when I got my nose piercing ten million years ago she complained why I didn't get a tattoo... I was a bit dumbfounded). Comic artist is 100%ly not what they expected. They are still trying to cope with the idea.

Actually me as well....



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... and that happens if something is sold out and doesn't go into reprint... the book actually costs only 10 Euros... normally. O_O

I hope nobody actually considers paying such a -addmeanwordhere- price. A book goes into reprint if you have enough people wanting it. The best way to get a publisher reprint something is pre-ordering. I know a lot people don't think about it but it's simple math. The more pre-orders the higher the chances the new bunch of printed books gets actually sold = publisher doesn't need to worry about having a huge pile of books nobody wants. Simple, huh?
That's theoretically possible for all books if the contract is still going on, it wasn't limited, a collectors item, yaddayadda. As always the universal laws of Murphey can hit every title but generally it should be possible.

I hope everybody had a good start this year. :) I certainly had. ^_^



Again a board game! It's the last one I did last year and it's again totally different from "Mount Drago" and "Space Mission" but for me the most hilarious and funniest game.
Actually it's for kids but I think if you have a bunch of people who are willed to play a game that happens to include drawing (it doesn't really matter if you are GOOD... really) you might have many laughs, tears and odd doodles.

The game comes in five languages (German, French, Italian, English and Dutch I think) and costs around 22 Euro (regular price). Included is a very pink pig buzzer, 30 animal cards, a sketch book and all my love, sweat and hours I spend on it.
(You have no idea how often we changed the cover... ).

Available on (German) Amazon HERE