Happy Easter! \(O_o)/

... since I'm in the middle of Easter Illustrations already. Arf...
Will show those when I have the first bunch finished. Bunch in my job means 30. So 23 more to do.

Merry Everything!


finally done

and than.... :) 
I like that my workplace is finished now... I think. There's still a black chalkboard missing but alas... details. The new lamps are finally up and it's so much better for the eyes. Lew, I hope you like it since you gonna spent there a lot of time as well.


For Miss Kirschvogel :)

I promised Frau Kirschvogel to make some more pics of the Art S. Buck mannekins and here we go. Actually those are still tricky since some parts are not as cooperaive as they should be but it's okay since they need to be stiff. You know if a pose works when the figurines stop falling ;)
I think the female one above shows it pretty much. I wasn't sure if she keeps from tumbling but the pose is static.
The -still very- cool part is that you can take pics of different perspectives. For me it's practically the best since it's always a bit annoying to get those correct and well... here they actually are. Click, done.
This is how far the back can be bend. If you add the legs as well it's pretty much. You just have to keep an eye on the different parts (like legs or arms) to sit in the correct position. Here it's not that problematic but the male leg gives away when you bend it without ckecing since it's so buff.
Super-hero picking something up.... with pretty shadows...
and Super-Hero picking something up from a different angle. And other pretty shadows...
Sitting works as well... especially on a Bodum cup *arf*
And surfing but still not tumbling around as well. They are really damn well balanced I have to say.
So much for new pics. I still wish the female had switchable shoulders as well. It makes a lot of sense with some poses.

And since 99% of the random people hitting this blog are searching for Art S.Buck mannekins: There you go

Sphinx Kitteh... loves the heater in winter. :)


Basement vs Ceiling

 Basement cat craves for the place where...
... Ceiling cat is.