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A small detail of a huge image. Anyways... some people always ask: What kind of brushes do you use.
Mostly it's this one:

and because I think everybody should start with a good brush and not millions of fancy textured brushes you can download this one here:

I hope everybody knows how to install it. This one is mainly for pure painting. You can set the option and size as you want (I vary it every five seconds if needed). Just keep in mind that you need some more strokes to get smooth colors. I use it for my color moods and for all those annoying things that need a painted look.

I hope it's useful and that you enjoy painting with it.



Ausnahmsweise mal ein Blogeintrag in Deutsch. Vor genau 2 Minuten habe ich nach .. ich glaube sieben Jahren meinen animexx account gelöscht.
Schlimm, ne?
Um ehrlich zu sein glaube ich, dass ich mir damit einen größeren Gefallen getan habe als mit dem letzten überteuerten noch nicht einmal getragenen Schuhen. :)
Animexx war gut um groß zu werden, aber jetzt bin ich 1,80m groß, 27 Jahre und ein paar zerdrückte Monate alt und kann auch ganz gut ohne. Ich habe mich meistens nur noch über die community aufgeregt, über Leute, über Einstellungen, über Großes und Kleines und noch viel mehr.
Ich habe lange gehadert, aber in den ersten drei Sekunden nach dem Löschen kam weder ein donnernder Blitz vom Himmel noch bekam ich vom Netbook einen tödlichen Stromschlag. Ergo: Scheint okay zu sein. Noch alles dran.

Für mich heißt es, dass ich in erster Linie wieder Blog- und Webseitenegoist sein darf. Sogar... Realitätsegoist (naja, da nicht ganz, aber ich bilde es mir gern ein). Keine skurilen Kommentare, nervenzehrende Dativ-oder Grammatikgemetzel und keine seltsamen Wortgebilde wie " Ist das liebe" mehr. Ehrlich Leute, das gibts nicht. Entweder: "Das ist so lieb" oder "ich finds total süß" aber kein " das ist so liebe"... oder hat da jemand einen Babelfish-Unfall mit "That's so lovely" gehabt? Nicht, dass ich ein wandelndes Wörtbuch wäre, aber... nee, das geht nicht. Da kräuseln sich meine Zehennägel hoch und verkriechen sich vor Schreck gleich wieder im Nagelbett.

So, ein feierliches Danke trotz kritischer Worte nach sieben Jahren an animexx und wir sehen uns... dort wohl nicht wieder. :)

Gute Nacht.

***short version in English***
I left a German art community after 7 years and deleted my acc. Nothing too important but something worth mentioning. (maybe)


Leftovers in SALE

all that's left... more information in my Deviantart journal


vanilla-strawberry ice cream...

and pure strawberry sorbet.

Hm... if making ice cream wouldn't take so long I'd do it more often. >.<
I wanted to prepare some figurines today but a call from my tax adviser brought me back into reality. "Miiiss Pätzke, you rrreaaly should send me yourrr paperrrs neext week!" (she's Russian I think o_o ).

Am i the only one having so much trouble doing all the paper work in time? I *hate* it. I wish some house elves would pop up right now. Uh!



can't see chubby fairies anymore and still no end in sight o_o

Funny thing: I recently got a lot of mails with "Hey, if you put this and that on your homepage and write things for our page we advertise you, so if you work for us you get more popular"
(subtitles: You work for us, you advertise our page and if somebody accidently stumbles over you on OUR homepage it's even better for you). Call me picky but those offers are weird.


LBM- nya, over!

... not really, my skin still feels like i turned into a mummy. O_O

a lot of people already wrote something -something true, something crazy, some lies, something funny, something odd... a lot. So i keep it short.
Thanks to all those who came. A special thanks to Judith who fed the whole team with chocolate cake (accidently but still... so yummy XD).
I think with nearly 28 i got a bit more... calm maybe? Some things like personal chaos still bugs me and I am not able to handle bad disastrous news when i'm at a fair. Totally. But the rest was okay. I am much more relaxed when it comes to younger new artists and chatting with people.

A Swedish girl -coming all the way down to Germany- really impressed me with her blunt behaviour showing her portfolio at the impossible time of nearly midnight. Some people were pissed off. I was impressed. You really have to have some nerves to dare it. Call it rude, i call it brave.

Next to that i had some nice chats with an agency and some comic sellers. I call it overall a fair i like to visit. It's not as business-like as in Frankfurt and not as nerdy as Cons tend to be.
I saw Tillman (the "Rouge-Man"), friends, fans who are so kind to say Hi every single year and it was a good opportunity to talk about .. i would bore you with details :)

My head is spinning with new ideas.

What is really impressive is that so many people tend to give side blows in their "con reports". It's like you can't freak out, snore, swear and wear weird clothes without somebody is reporting it. Sad but i guess it is like self-adulation performance with all the glory and all fails and all advices nobody wants to have. We will survive anyway, won't we?

So no advice from my side. Just a good night!


always close

Gen asked me some time ago if it was okay to use my Lucky Star Bun to get a tattoo done. Of course I said !YESSS!" but also "Take pics!" I got them today. Pretty tattoo :3 I like it and I'm proud I got under another one's skin.

Elvish text is something personal, so I don't post the translation here. Maybe gen pops up and tells herself. :) It's the firth tattoo of my chubs- hurray :D

(B)utterly Blue

annnnd another one. In German I would call those "Pummelfee".
Life isn't friendly at the moment. I normally am in my regular happy-mode but yesterday just SUCKED.
I lost my EC card which is one day before a fair in another town an epic catastrophy and I still have to wait five hours before I can run to the bank and see if anything's missing. IF: somebody's gonna die. I saved up money for the next months and if this happens to be evaporated... gods.

Next drama:
calibrating the new Eizo. Gods... I should have known that you need a special training to get along with your shiny new screen. Ty and I spend two hours testing, calibrating, swearing, compare and whatever.
- The sRGB mode looks plainly weird because the colors are too blueish and yellow is missing.
- Custom.... skip it... it's shitty.
- EMU.... that one looked okay (but only in Photoshop... normal screen display looks too bright). I decided for EMU.
Ty: "What is EMU?"
Me: "Eww... i have no idea. Emotikitty United???" *confuzzled*
I think we'll spend another week of testing.

I have to admit: The screen IS great. But without perfect colors as bad as any other screen.
In the end I hold a printed postcard and fine-tuned via "Looks like this".
I know this is not so professional but at midnight we gave up.

So tomorrow will start my book fair week-end with test-pages in maybe wrong colors and without an EC card. It can get only better.



.... and that happens if you can't merge... I have to shuffle those into folders soon or else it's gonna get disastrous.
Somehow i'm totally unsatisfied with my work right now. This is so NOT what I wanted and I guess I have to keep an eye on everything at once. After an unpleasant wake-up terror by Lilo, the 2-years-old Godzilla in the flat above mine I doubt the rings under my eyes will vanish until she's old enough to be kicked out by her parents.


culinary home-coming

instead of drawing and painting i chopped, peeled, stirred and decorated the whole week-end. You can't imagine how complicated a menue for ten people can get if you mom is a cook and your granny was and you are supposed to know what the heck a barren doe is (still have to google it but i can say it's absolutely yummy... thanks god my mum won't read this).
So i decided to take care of the sweet stuff (see, it's not only my artistic carreer heading into the direction) and do panna cotta con salsa di fragole.
I love to do it because it's simple but tasty and looks fantastic. Though it got hopelessly labeld as "uh pudding with strawberry-what's-that-green-stuff-on-top?" by my lovely (culinary dead-end) sister I still like the outcome. That green stuff on top is pistachio btw.
Back to drawing... only four days left to prepare a presentation. Uh!


work... slowly getting there

something for work... uh.. pink. atm it takes ages to finish stuff. :(


A little test...

I know it looks weird. But trust me, it feels even weirder.

It's not a secret that i've been fighting with a tendo for the last two years. Even now it causes problems. I wrecked my arm with the last bunch of illustrations i did for the scouts and after that with an illustration for Sony.
I know why i get it and how but the problem is that you can't change your habits within one months. It's merely impossible. The biggest problem is that i cramp around the pens a lot when i concentrate and because most pens are slim and not really meant to be ergonomic i cramp and cramp and cramp.

Than i found a suggestion.. which sounded good. Wrapping foam and whatever around the pens gives you hand and fingers less opportunity to cramp. I can't say that it works 100%ly (tested it just today) but it IS more comfortable. I did some test sketches with it and switched back to my slim Slicci after it. And the cramping started again. So the foam coat might be useful.

I suggest using at least four hands to make such a thing and pack up all pens you regulary use since it seems to be useless trying to get it off the pen once you packed it up XD
I hope i find a thicker pen for my signing hours. Using that one might cause some funny looks.


Homepage Peek

Ugly watermark because it's not the final version... and because I don't want to see it again on nevertrustmobilegeekswithtoomuchtime-zedge...
Anyways, pretty eh?