Flieg Mit, Kleine Eule! - what's inside

 The little owl figurines. Six are included. Oh, I love them....!!!!
 The box cover for the German-Switzerland-Austria stores.
 The plan is close to the original American one. We tried and discussed a different layout but this one was and is actually the best solution and in my opinion you could only make it worse. Some might say "buh, cheating" but doing something completely different just to make it different doesn't always serve the game.
 The manual got a hoot hoooottt look as well and I like the final printed version a lot. It's not plain and boring and I hope people will spend 30 milliseconds longer to read he background story. ;)
 And the size of the owl figurines. They look really small in my hand but keep in mind I'm 5'11 and the figurines need to fit into smaller kid's grabby hands and they do well. The feather ears keep the figurine from slipping out of the hand and that's one of the reasons they got those things. Natural stopper >_<

 And since it's still cold here in Berlin... the cats constantly hog the heater. One of the few moments they -oh what a wonder- stick together.
Best cushion in the world is a fuzzy booty cushion... Tretel likes!

And for anybody who might be interested: Timon and me will be in Essen this year. Again. Hopefully not sick as a dog after one day.