Bumm Bumm Ballon!

 Yay! One of my highlights this year -jobwise- because that game is effin fun!

Actually the game will be available in other countries as well but with a different cover, packaging and not our awesome manual (the manual is really awesome, me so proud!).

In Germany you'll be able to get it directly at the SPIEL in Essen (I cross my fingers for it- at least) or regular in stores.
Publisher: Schmidt Spiele
rating: Awesome! Get it as soon as it is out!

On Amazon Germany

It's kinda awesome how simple the packaging looks when you know how many hours I actually put into that thing. O.o we're still mulling over some additional things but basically I'll be happy to watch people test it in Essen :B And yes.... Ty and me will be there (whoot!).

How it works?


And even more plush stuff!

Owner of the collection is nhalyia and I'm quite envious of her >_< mostly because she has the pencil cases already. Rahh, aren't they cute?
I especially love how the oh noes motive (yes, header of my blog) turned out. and I love froggy o.o

And even more photo galore:
 Owener is Gabi and yes, I'm fangirling a lot when I get pics. It's just amazing and I am happy that people actually use the opportunity of the Artofwhere Shop though it's in Montreal but still.. they have the best quality and I'm a sucker when it comes to awesome handmade things.

As always you can find all products here



I have to admit... I like medievalsomethinghousenumbertenmillionohthere'sadog-jobs but sometimes I miss my chubs work. I hope I can finish all the missing comic pages for this month next week (brilliant optimism, I has you!) and finish some more medievalsomethinghousenumbertenmillionohthere'sadog things and next to that I finally started working on the 4th calendar. I have no idea when I will finish but I pray I have some a lot time in July/August/September/whatit'salreadyDecemberholysh#+§.

*hint* there's a story...
I dislike how it looks so unfinished but surprise! it IS unfinished and the only person I can blame for it is me, myself and I. I normally try to get the face right and mull over the rest when I have more time (ending up redoing everything anyway). I want to stick to a non so 3dimensional style and include some more funny geeky illustrations this time and hope it works out and people won't freak out when they get weird stuff for their birth month.

At the moment I'm happy I have my moleskine with me most of the time since lately I keep getting tons of ideas (obviously always the case when you can't work on them....) and have to scribble those down with additional notes. Totally not worth uploading but good to keep them for more than 3 nano seconds.

Farewell, I have to finish a bit more of medievalsomethinghousenumbertenmillionohthere'sadog. Buh. I still love the job. I tell myself so.


New Stuff!

Actually only one photo (thanks to the very lovely Stumdaemonin on Deviantart)
How freakin cute is that?! The motive fits so perfectly on the pillow case I can't believe it! I know I shouldn't freak out over one of my own motives but it's just so cool seeing those as actual products and huggable fluffy pillows. *can't get over it*
There are tons of new things in my ArtofWhere-shop which you can find here:
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As always: If you have any questions regarding shipping yaddayadda use the help form on the page. Kate and Joey who run the show can help you if you take your time to ask them and they are nice and won't bite. :3

I started skating again after a decade of absence (yes... TEN years... how could I?!) and it felt so good. I used to skate 3-4 hours in a row and now getting back into it feels like coming home and totally new at the same time. In ten years so many things changed and I'm a tad more scared to break any body parts I might need for work (like arms, head and neck... who cares for legs).
Berlin has some pretty neat routes for bikers and skaters only and all the 6km+ will be mine O_O

If you have the option to get outside and stretch those stiff necks after a long day at the drawing table: do it.
Trust me, working all day and not doing anything for your muscles won't do anything good. I know what I'm talking about =.=



... my own idealism is totally not cooperating with healthy common sense.
.... painting size... and final size (actually you see a bit more but ... you get the point). I know it's an idiotic obsession with details but.. but... but. It's DETAILS!

Some thoughts on details: I have to admit I hated painting details. I can't kid myself when I say I loved painting those 2 years ago. I hated it from the bottom of my heart.

It changed a lot and in two years I realized that it's a good practice like yoga. The longer you meditate over something and keep your inner demons at bay when all you want to do is scream and yank the computer off the table and throw it out the bloody window... the calmer you can get.
A lot of things stress me still now (like setting up the working color scheme and god, sometimes it's really hard- especially if the colors are not in my usual comfort zone) but details don't stress me anymore.

It's something I learned to love and I'm quite grateful for every job I got with tons of details because it meant I had to face my inner demons. A lot of artists neglect it and stick to their comfort zones, colors they love, lack of details blabla endless list. I understand sometimes it can be called "style" but normally I see it as a bad habit and no craving to take your art to another level if you keep doing only things your 100%ly sure you actually CAN do.

I am not fond of radical changes but whenever I can stuff something into my style and it's a good add-on and no distraction or harsh change my votes are totally up for searching and sticking to them... and searching for the next one.

What's your thoughts on the topic? Are you more of the "I against I" or "no need to change" type?