do NOT panic... reloaded

On friday I got a mail including two concepts. Not bad. The only problem is: I should have gotten those concepts 5 WEEKS ago. Ugh... 10 days left to create something out of nothing.
And because Irene and me are a pretty nice team (the other job was an experience we might not want to re-experience though) and she said yes for another row... it´s two people hanging over their drawing tables working on something too heavy for ten days but too cool to say no.
I cross my fingers that the team likes the concepts. @_@

Anyways... it´s creepy how much time you spend on thinking: "Does it makes sense?" (of course but logic things are not supposed to look cool which is bad.. sometimes).

Cheer for Irene and me. >_<



not my character but a commission I´m working on. Isn´t she cute? *pinching cheeks*
Hope I can finish it next week... weee!


Plush Invasion

The right one arrived today... squished into my post box... but everything okay. I was so happy >_< Isn´t it cute? The left one was a gift I got at the big deviantArt Meeting in Berlin... it´s so fuzzy :3

This one is still in the box. See the awesome work here. I can´t even describe how fine and beautiful the thing is in real. One reason why I HAD to order some glass doors for the next cup-board. Would be a shame if a cat (or nephew) destroyed it @_@

The artist and a bigger image can be found here. Irene was so nice to send it to me and I was like "oh my gawd.. .she works so neat" (I don´t... and I would never paint on paper... but she did and it is great!). I still need a frame for it but I couldn´t find any fitting one in Ikea which means this week I have to look at the normal photo store. I so much want to put it on my "Wall of Fame"

I still need to send out the books for the contest. Why I haven´t done it? Because one was missing. I don´t even have one left... all gone. No idea why... so I had to order two. The books will leave on Friday. @_@


Happy Saturday

I´m still waiting for my new coloured pencils to arrive :( I hope those will be here next week. I have some requested illustrations I won´t be able to do with Photoshop. arggg! >_<

Pong in his fridge. He got a sun-burn...

working on commissions... (weeee!)
(pencil is a TK9400 - 2H, Faber Castell)

my new classic pen. I love this one. It´s slimmer than the normal Intuos pen and made of plastic without rubber wrap but I like it more like that. The rubber tended to crack up.... I guess it won´t happen with this one and it´s easier for me to clean. But again... 80 bucks!

weee!² I still need some wooden boxes for my monitors. "Harry Potter" and a book of Jimmy Carter won´t do it forever... o_o



i wish I would be faster... I like to do those... and at the moment I have to. I thought I would have more time after my last book-project but so many things pile up. Incredible. Not that I complain... I love to do those things atm >_<


Dev Meeting yesterday

Yesterday was the big deviantart-meeting in Berlin and man, I was so curious who would come. >_<>
I was so unbelievably tired the whole time I just wanted to sit down and sleep and crawl onto my couch. :( Dang! (that´s what I did today and I wish I could do it some more hours...)

I guess Angelo would make the best guru ever. I don´t know how often he explained the new features but seems like the sparkle-glow in his eyes wouldn´t stop... even if he had to explain it a millionth time again.
I just wish I could have stayed longer (couldn´t because of nasty cramps) and payed more attention to the new faces (didn´t because I was tired and thought all the time about memorizing the nicknames of the people who i was actually talking with.... don´t have to mention that I failed anyway even with that >_>; ).

I totally forogt to take some photos although my camera was in my bag (how stupid is that... Anne... come on... ) but I just hope Angelo or Heidi will upload some pics sooner or later.

What a week... won´t forget it. This won´t happen too often in life-time, i guess.

Things to do:
Les Dames (10 of 12 >_<)
three open commissions (still two slots open... uh)
trying to save up another 500 bucks... lottery? maybe?...
sleep more
finishing a new bao

I hope my normal happy mode will start tomorrow again (happy mode= annoy people with being unbelievably happy about everything... my regular 7-days-a-week-mode).