Dev Meeting yesterday

Yesterday was the big deviantart-meeting in Berlin and man, I was so curious who would come. >_<>
I was so unbelievably tired the whole time I just wanted to sit down and sleep and crawl onto my couch. :( Dang! (that´s what I did today and I wish I could do it some more hours...)

I guess Angelo would make the best guru ever. I don´t know how often he explained the new features but seems like the sparkle-glow in his eyes wouldn´t stop... even if he had to explain it a millionth time again.
I just wish I could have stayed longer (couldn´t because of nasty cramps) and payed more attention to the new faces (didn´t because I was tired and thought all the time about memorizing the nicknames of the people who i was actually talking with.... don´t have to mention that I failed anyway even with that >_>; ).

I totally forogt to take some photos although my camera was in my bag (how stupid is that... Anne... come on... ) but I just hope Angelo or Heidi will upload some pics sooner or later.

What a week... won´t forget it. This won´t happen too often in life-time, i guess.

Things to do:
Les Dames (10 of 12 >_<)
three open commissions (still two slots open... uh)
trying to save up another 500 bucks... lottery? maybe?...
sleep more
finishing a new bao

I hope my normal happy mode will start tomorrow again (happy mode= annoy people with being unbelievably happy about everything... my regular 7-days-a-week-mode).

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