Happy Saturday

I´m still waiting for my new coloured pencils to arrive :( I hope those will be here next week. I have some requested illustrations I won´t be able to do with Photoshop. arggg! >_<

Pong in his fridge. He got a sun-burn...

working on commissions... (weeee!)
(pencil is a TK9400 - 2H, Faber Castell)

my new classic pen. I love this one. It´s slimmer than the normal Intuos pen and made of plastic without rubber wrap but I like it more like that. The rubber tended to crack up.... I guess it won´t happen with this one and it´s easier for me to clean. But again... 80 bucks!

weee!² I still need some wooden boxes for my monitors. "Harry Potter" and a book of Jimmy Carter won´t do it forever... o_o

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Holly said...

Hello, My name is Holly Wade and I absolutely adore your illustrations. Just wanted to let you know I posted a link to your blog on my own blog under "Art People."

If you would rather not be linked from my blog I completely understand and will take it off right away.

Best wishes to you and your many artistic endeavors!


Holly Wade