unfinished detail -not finetuned nor corrected. I just want to get the final colors done though the leaves already drive me crazy.... arf. I love Halloween and Autumn (and especially pumpkin soup. Gosh... so yummy).


Posts and Reviews

gosh... i bought too many books & tools o_o
Anyways, there were some gems in and I'll try to write some intelligent reviews within the next days.

Next to that I would ask you to leave comments only in English, German or French. Some funny people wrote in very sloppy Portugese (I know what "fofo" means but that doesn't mean the rest does....) which even Bablefish couldn't translate.
I can't read Chinese either. I hope nobody feels offended by my lack of ability to answer comments that looks like +#°%&$ to me.

Review List to come:
DA laptop bag (have to write that one anyway)
Classic Pen Wacom

Tokyo Inferno 1-2 (comic)
Kyolee tome 1 (comic)
and some more "usefull" books for artists :)

I promised to make some more mannekin shots for Miss Kirschvogel which will be uploaded soon. 

Worth an information: still working on agency illustrations and game illustrations and mah comics. I still feel like I am too slow but my arm keeps telling me the opposite. I guess I have to listen to my arm now. >_>


somehow epic

First of all I should say that the illustrator does normally know how to work and that his "normal" illustrations look good (his CATAN illustrations are just GREAT!... btw). The problem is - like always- that a company hires *somebody* who had never in his whole life drawn in japanese comic style (I wouldn't call it manga, since that's still and very obviously a BOOK).

Fail.. just fail... the next problem is that people actually buy it because they think it looks nice. People from "our dark side" know this is so very wrong, but Auntie M. wouldn't realize. Ouch.

Had to share. If the illustrator reads this: Sorry .I love the rest... really...


Pong Game peek

more information can be found here since I'm too tired of retyping everything.


paper, ink, coffee and tea

... might be the most important ingredients of a good book.. and designs.

Maike (my home-page fairy) and me worked on the final redesign of a coporate design today. I'm so effin proud- I haven't done a complete design in the last five years and still it feels great to finish everything with "this looks good... and everything fits together and makes sense".


Working on Chubs

Lew doin flats. Surprisingly we didn't try to poison, depress or kill each other after the first comics.
My regular place is either at the light table or the drawing board (hiding to get around complaints like "This is wrong... a fly doesn't look like a blob!" ).

2nd sketch... one comics undergoes 5 stages which is kinda odd (presketch, sketch, flats, final coloration, final touch up...).
and random nose pics of Hantje. The cats sleep all day next to our screens. I wish I was a cat... =_=


See u in Kassel :3

I'll leave for Kassel tomorrow... the last con this year and I'm looking forward to come back and finish some comic pages. It's awesome, I haven't sketched that many pages for SIX years... and now everything I can think of is: XY more.. you can finish those >_< and I think those are good. Really.
Anyways, life is kinda upside down at the moment. I really want to finish the graphics for the Pong Game and the sketches for a real game you can buy and play (and burn if you like). .. no, you won't. If I get it done as I imagine it it will look good. Really... hopefully... I guess.

I hope I can finish a lot next week. Some people have been waiting for their stuff for ages. I feel bad for it but work was so exhausting I came home and literally fell asleep while falling onto the couch.

And since so many people visit my blog just because of the Art S Buck mannekins: yes, BUY THEM. They rock! ...




test-print for my frogged mug. Gosh, I love it! (the sample means it's a sample... obviously)


21 Weeks later - no horror though

She's really pretty O_O and I love her eye color (smoked amber something). She's 1 kg lighter than her brother which can be quite unuseful in fights ("and here rolls the panzer over meee"....)
Her character is quite clear. She's a bit reserved, quite and a silent bon vivant. She purrs only when she feels like purring and usually loves to watch everything. Normally her cuddle time is around 4 in the morning where she gets in a total frenzy and treadles on my face to get attention O_o;
Tretel got really big. I know that the cats from this breed (if you can call it "breed") turn out to be usually Catzillas so let's see if Tretel will be a Catzilla too. He's the one of the siblings who loves to be pampered, to cuddle, to snorr on his back and who loves to crawl into holes, your shirt, under your blanket and freshly washed clothes. He's still not the bright one of the two cats but I guess it's one of his charms. Treadle likes to get his cuddle time at 5 in the morning.

Alltogether our nights got a lot shorter....

21 weeks ago