Posts and Reviews

gosh... i bought too many books & tools o_o
Anyways, there were some gems in and I'll try to write some intelligent reviews within the next days.

Next to that I would ask you to leave comments only in English, German or French. Some funny people wrote in very sloppy Portugese (I know what "fofo" means but that doesn't mean the rest does....) which even Bablefish couldn't translate.
I can't read Chinese either. I hope nobody feels offended by my lack of ability to answer comments that looks like +#°%&$ to me.

Review List to come:
DA laptop bag (have to write that one anyway)
Classic Pen Wacom

Tokyo Inferno 1-2 (comic)
Kyolee tome 1 (comic)
and some more "usefull" books for artists :)

I promised to make some more mannekin shots for Miss Kirschvogel which will be uploaded soon. 

Worth an information: still working on agency illustrations and game illustrations and mah comics. I still feel like I am too slow but my arm keeps telling me the opposite. I guess I have to listen to my arm now. >_>


Marina Lazovic said...

Aww so much things to do ^^;
But I'm sure you can do it!! <3

I just wanted to say that I really like your small previews of your game much!!
keep on the good work..
but please... rest your arm ^^

trenchmaker said...

@Marina .. weird, i already posted a reply but blooger doesn't like it O.o

Anyways, the game will be released in two weeks (worst-case). I'll link it as soon as we have it online :)