A bit older but my daily morning view.... including a million



Originally Lew and I meet every Friday working on comics. Sadly we had to move it to Saturday this week since I'm so stuck in deadlines I even dreamed about it (computer crash of course ;) ).

Somehow the roses don't look as colourful as they look on my Eizo... hm. Anyways. Still working on two board games (totally mad about one since I can't grab the concept) and little sparkling ponies. I have no idea how long I'll be able to draw those sparkle things without getting crazy but it's fun. Now.
Anyways, hopefully the sparkle roses will be a part of a puzzle motive and if not I can at least say I did a very pink and very blonde princess- once upon a time.
And I hope my weeks are back to 50something hours soon.



Llama keychain that was in my post today. Hurray for llama! Llama can be bought here for 3.95 Euro and comes in fancy gold-yellow. I added the pink shadow pic for those who want to know the size. It comes handy- the size is just perfect. Not too big and not too small.

Moreover Hantje will go to the vet for castration tomorrow. Oh noes. My funky little caramell-o-kitteh. :( Cross your fingers she comes back healthy.