Mah holiday ... not really glorious

... and those are just a PART of the whole thing o_o Gahhh!
I started packing up two weeks ago -celebrating it with a take-what-you-like-don't-need-those-party.
But man, I never thought that again it would be *that* much. I have two days left to pack up everything. And I know... those two days will be loooonnnggg days.

Ty and me went to Ikea on Saturday and bought the things we still needed. Before I dragged him two times there ("Why do I have to go there twice?!!" "Because you want to have a new sofa as well....") so this time was speed shopping. I won't say how much we spend in three hours but just the price of the new carpet for my workroom made me cry (400 bucks for a bloody carpet -unbelievable... and that one was cheap since 25% off! Arg!!!!). ;______;
I had a bad hiccup for nearly an hour and lifting 30 kg cupboards while being exhausted from hiccuping all the time wasn't really cool. >_<

I'll be in London next week with Leo and I'm really looking forward to being there. It's just for 1 day and for work but anyway, I have't been there for ages and I hope it will be a trip without any weird accidents.
Next day, next city: Magdeburg. Totally fits together :D


Scary! ... or: Cool!

Today I started packing up my books since it's gonna be time to move soon (O__o; ). It looks even messier than before. I really wanna sort by series next time but I guess Ty won't want all my comics in the living room XD ... ok, those are a lot. Not as many as some years ago but still a lot.
Last time I was in Hamburg together with Sonja we started talking about the "good old times" and found out we both might be in the same Magic Knight Rayearth comic. Like... 10 years ago Carlsen and Co. still printed fanart they got IN the manga (I don´t know if only in the first edition).So today I crawled through my books and really. We ARE in the same book and even on the same page.

Left top is Sonja's art... bottom right is mine.

As you can see the comic was printed 10 (!) years ago. We both were around 16 and lived in different cities (not to mention we didn't know each other). Now, ten years later we work in the same office on the same projects.
Now how scary is that O____o

"You always see a person twice in your life" is a sentence often said in Germany when those things happen.



yesterday .... I really craved for those o_o
The plate is totally out of place but well ... and of course without faces. Couldn't have eaten them with faces.
Spiced with shimchi and katsuobushi.


Animagic 2009

I promised an update about the convention in Bonn, so here we go :)
I already arrived on Thursday which was relaxing (kinda) and I still had time for an appointment.

Friday (shortly before the hall opened)

That´s Sabine ... and Vinc from Tokyopop. The last meal for hours o_o

outside... even more people...

one of the coolest cosplays ever .... a DOMO-KUN!!!

The coolest of all .... Kulla! She was so damn cute ;_; *loves the cosplay to pieces*

A mini Link! The girls and the photographers loved him... and his mother and aunt were so proud (understandable). Still so small and he already posed like a pro.

The japanese guests of honour .... on the very right side: Tanemura-san.

I can´t really recall everything what happened. The german mangaka were nice, some were really amusing.
Once scene -even if Roda will kill me for telling- was like that:
me: Roda, you have to eat vegetables and fruit or else you catch the con scurvy!
Roda: No ... really? What happens?
me: Your tongue turns black!
Roda: Nooooo!!

It was nice and exhausting. I doddled more bunnies than ever before and met some people I see only at *that* con -like Andre. So some things never change.

One thing -the near-death-experience - what really scared me was the allocation of the limited Tanemura-Shikishis. I´ve never seen to many people getting hysteric, pushing, running and screaming. What a scene. Some girls were so close to purple after getting their Shikishi, some cried... most squealed.

I don´t know if I can say "I want that too" because... THIS was really freaky.

I bought just one Totoro key chain.... and coffee (bad taste)... and a Manju. That´s it. I would like to go shopping but I´m always too excited to remember the shopping-thing =_=;

The last day rushed by. I forgot some things in the hotel (pants and shoes ;_; ), the train had to stop in Bochum (" We don´t have an engine driver atm, please switch trains!" ... "What do they mean with that > we don´t have an engine driver?! Who drove the train?!!< ...") and I was tired from everything but i guess in 363 days I really want to go to Bonn again. Maybe ... :)