Scary! ... or: Cool!

Today I started packing up my books since it's gonna be time to move soon (O__o; ). It looks even messier than before. I really wanna sort by series next time but I guess Ty won't want all my comics in the living room XD ... ok, those are a lot. Not as many as some years ago but still a lot.
Last time I was in Hamburg together with Sonja we started talking about the "good old times" and found out we both might be in the same Magic Knight Rayearth comic. Like... 10 years ago Carlsen and Co. still printed fanart they got IN the manga (I don´t know if only in the first edition).So today I crawled through my books and really. We ARE in the same book and even on the same page.

Left top is Sonja's art... bottom right is mine.

As you can see the comic was printed 10 (!) years ago. We both were around 16 and lived in different cities (not to mention we didn't know each other). Now, ten years later we work in the same office on the same projects.
Now how scary is that O____o

"You always see a person twice in your life" is a sentence often said in Germany when those things happen.


Adelaida said...

World is a small place :3

Zeitwolf said...


Zeitwolf said...

Btw, Frankfurt/Oder is indeed a "city". I checket that *g*

Caro said...

wie krass! und was soll ich sagen... ich hab genau einen einzigen magic knight rayearth band selbst (natürlich hab ich sie alle gelesen... das waren noch zeiten, als ich jeden tag gehofft habe, die freundin, die mich damit versorgt, hat sie auch hoffentlich nicht vergessen zur schule mitzubringen - aber zurück zum thema...), und ich meine, es ist sogar dieser! das ist doch der "blaue", oder? sobald ich wieder in dessen reichweite bin, werd ich mal nachsehen... hihi :)

草蜢Jon said...

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