Mah holiday ... not really glorious

... and those are just a PART of the whole thing o_o Gahhh!
I started packing up two weeks ago -celebrating it with a take-what-you-like-don't-need-those-party.
But man, I never thought that again it would be *that* much. I have two days left to pack up everything. And I know... those two days will be loooonnnggg days.

Ty and me went to Ikea on Saturday and bought the things we still needed. Before I dragged him two times there ("Why do I have to go there twice?!!" "Because you want to have a new sofa as well....") so this time was speed shopping. I won't say how much we spend in three hours but just the price of the new carpet for my workroom made me cry (400 bucks for a bloody carpet -unbelievable... and that one was cheap since 25% off! Arg!!!!). ;______;
I had a bad hiccup for nearly an hour and lifting 30 kg cupboards while being exhausted from hiccuping all the time wasn't really cool. >_<

I'll be in London next week with Leo and I'm really looking forward to being there. It's just for 1 day and for work but anyway, I have't been there for ages and I hope it will be a trip without any weird accidents.
Next day, next city: Magdeburg. Totally fits together :D

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