Animagic 2009

I promised an update about the convention in Bonn, so here we go :)
I already arrived on Thursday which was relaxing (kinda) and I still had time for an appointment.

Friday (shortly before the hall opened)

That´s Sabine ... and Vinc from Tokyopop. The last meal for hours o_o

outside... even more people...

one of the coolest cosplays ever .... a DOMO-KUN!!!

The coolest of all .... Kulla! She was so damn cute ;_; *loves the cosplay to pieces*

A mini Link! The girls and the photographers loved him... and his mother and aunt were so proud (understandable). Still so small and he already posed like a pro.

The japanese guests of honour .... on the very right side: Tanemura-san.

I can´t really recall everything what happened. The german mangaka were nice, some were really amusing.
Once scene -even if Roda will kill me for telling- was like that:
me: Roda, you have to eat vegetables and fruit or else you catch the con scurvy!
Roda: No ... really? What happens?
me: Your tongue turns black!
Roda: Nooooo!!

It was nice and exhausting. I doddled more bunnies than ever before and met some people I see only at *that* con -like Andre. So some things never change.

One thing -the near-death-experience - what really scared me was the allocation of the limited Tanemura-Shikishis. I´ve never seen to many people getting hysteric, pushing, running and screaming. What a scene. Some girls were so close to purple after getting their Shikishi, some cried... most squealed.

I don´t know if I can say "I want that too" because... THIS was really freaky.

I bought just one Totoro key chain.... and coffee (bad taste)... and a Manju. That´s it. I would like to go shopping but I´m always too excited to remember the shopping-thing =_=;

The last day rushed by. I forgot some things in the hotel (pants and shoes ;_; ), the train had to stop in Bochum (" We don´t have an engine driver atm, please switch trains!" ... "What do they mean with that > we don´t have an engine driver?! Who drove the train?!!< ...") and I was tired from everything but i guess in 363 days I really want to go to Bonn again. Maybe ... :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds alot like Anime North(in Ontario Canada) thats also alot of fun^__^ I can't wait to go as well!!(again... it was just in May lol)

Anna said...

Die Bahn ist die geilste....wir hatten neulich verspätung wegen "Erhöhtem Verkehrsaufkommen"....wtf

yumkeks said...

Das klingt alles toll <3 Ich war seit 2005 nicht mehr auf der AnimagiC und somit noch nie in Bonn ^^

Awwww! Ein Foto von Arina Tanemura *_* Immerhin ein kleines Foto *seufz* Nur wegen ihr wollte ich hin *lol* Und ich glaub ich wär auch schubsend rumgelaufen wenn ich so ein Ding hätte bekommen können *lol* Aber ich wär nicht in Tränen ausgebrochen *rofl* Schade das sie nicht zur Connichi kommt ;_; Naja ... *seufz* ... vielleicht kann ich ein ander Mal ein Autogram bekommen (von dir hab ich einen ConHon-Eintrag vom letzten Jahr auf der Connichi <3)

yumkeks ^^

Anonymous said...

die Kulla ist wirklich süüüüß :3
Hast du denn auch ein Foto mit ihr zusammen? ;3

BTW, hast du Tanemura-san vorher gefragt, ob du das Foto veröffentlichen darfst? :3
Ich werde meine aus Respekt vor ihrem Wunsch nicht veröffentlichen, what a pity :.:

Hampstagirl said...

Sounds like fun! I'd love to go to a con one day...those cosplays are sooo cute! ^^