So fluffy!

That one was actually my sample print from ArtofWhere.com and no, it's not available (at the moment) but you can leave a comment with lotsa oh and ah and love and meanwhile I try to convince my editor ;(
The pillow size is 40x40 cm.



Matt send me a note that "Space Mission" got nominated for the 38th Annual Origins Award in the US. Yay!
I have no idea if we have a chance but I cross my fingers. >_<
... that would be the reaction of my parents...

Furthermore German readers can peek at Zebra-Schwein here. They wrote a very detailled review with some pictures of the actual game. I got mine last week but haven't had any time to take pictures. Duh....

And because it's so fluffy I wanna die:
Pillow covers for everybody
Joey and Kate make custom pillow covers that are so soft you wanna huggle those forever. You can get my moon bun, maneki and some other motives there but I'd like you to check the shop generally since the quality is simply awesome and the team so freaking nice.

Oh yes. And I'm half the way through my comic pages. Hurray =.=;..... sloth me is slow.


Already MARCH?!

Holy... shit. I wonder why it's already March. I keep stumbling through the weeks trying to keep up with everything and sometimes it's just amazing that I wake up and another week went by.

Since I didn't post anything really fancy a short sum-up of last month...
- I dyed my hair with Henna... which means no chemical something on my head... ever again. If you put red on natural reddish hair you get... surprise... red. So it's not really a brave change but brave enough since I freaked out about getting green hair (which might have been fancy but green doesn't suit me... yes.. I know because I had it once upon a time)
- I'm still working on two board games and one is my personal "project from hell" because me and abstract are a challenge. I like it nevertheless but I keep struggling and hope I survive with any sanity left. The problem that it's French and my French is kinda rusty doesn't make it any better. Good thing is I have still have my oldfashioned dictionary book from gramma school O_o;
- ... the weekly amount of time I spend with sports is simply outrageous
-  if something's called a "leg burner" consider what you read is what you get... I can't get over it... leg burner... burn leg, burn... it burns...
- I got two catfishes... Heinrich and Herbert (I stick to H because my gastropoda is named Hildegard... Hildegard rocks btw)
- Tretel likes to shower.. can't get over that as well

And what happened in your last 30 days?

Btw the photo shows stuff my dad collected for my mum at the beach. He muttered "it was boring and those things kept poppin up in the sand" but I subtitle it with "because you like those things...". Cute, isn't it? :3