Matt send me a note that "Space Mission" got nominated for the 38th Annual Origins Award in the US. Yay!
I have no idea if we have a chance but I cross my fingers. >_<
... that would be the reaction of my parents...

Furthermore German readers can peek at Zebra-Schwein here. They wrote a very detailled review with some pictures of the actual game. I got mine last week but haven't had any time to take pictures. Duh....

And because it's so fluffy I wanna die:
Pillow covers for everybody
Joey and Kate make custom pillow covers that are so soft you wanna huggle those forever. You can get my moon bun, maneki and some other motives there but I'd like you to check the shop generally since the quality is simply awesome and the team so freaking nice.

Oh yes. And I'm half the way through my comic pages. Hurray =.=;..... sloth me is slow.

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