Official Queen Shirt Contest!

Sylvia from Talenthouse send me the news about the shirt-contest for Queen. If you don't know Queen- baddddddd. Actually the rockband was MY teenage-band. Other girls ogled at Caught in the Act and Backstreet Boys posters. I worshipped Queen.
That's why I spread the news.

More information:

Deadline: 19th of April

Price: 1.500 USD and worldwide exposure. You might think -dammit, Anne... exposure wtf....
BUT: The sales of the shirts help all those people fighting against AIDS. Good news to raise your Karma points

Anne :)


Zugreifen! :D

This time mostly for German people interesting! Amazon dropped the price of "Draco" which means you're able to get the boardgame for 14 Euro (which is .. nothing to be honest).
Schmidt Spiele 49243 - Draco

If anybody got a chance to play it: let me know what you think of it. I'm still fighting with fairies, my chubbanimals, spaceships and unicorns. Wonderful combination o_O but I guess it could be worse.

Photo Updates of Hantje and Tretje soon. :3


Sir Bogard- Soapboxed

 some details.... I still like to paint roughly with my normal brush and add some -even rougher- details with textured brushes here and there. Over the last months of comic painting I did so many new brushes (not always with the desired result) I 100%ly have to sort those soon =.=
And the final Bogard. Colorful illustration is colorful.



I hope I can finish this week. I tend to stick to the most hilarious colors when it comes to Bogard. It's like a craving for eye cancer.
Normally when it comes to chubs the work-flow is like that:
Step 1-2 me
Step 3: Lew
Step 4- xyendlessyelling me again

sometimes we switch 1 ;) Some people seem to have a problem with getting other people involved in their art but I think it was the best decision we ever made. I save up a lot of annoying hours. I actually don't mind paying for that help. It's kinda annoying if you meet somebody assisting artist XY and when the money question pops up you see only blank faces with question marks over their heads.

Money? For assistant jobs? Oh my gawd, ho could I actually believe somebody would like to get paid for it.
Maybe I'm too honest and like my good karma but yes, I actually believe in fair treatment.


phew... last done >.>

...oh my, sometimes you really want to finish a job. And than.. things keep tumbling, piling up, deadlines rush in and you just forget what is still on your list.
I admit I'm a master of it. I'm just glad customers are so patient (most of the time).
I recently (subtitle: today) finished four illustrations for Scriptzz, an agency Maike and me started working for last year.
We dedusted the corporate design and instead of photos I went for clean illustrated portraits. It looks nice in combination with the actual business card since you have face-name combination (I'm so bad at remembering faces... and i guess other people as well...) which makes the cards -for me- much more personal.

Sadly the web-result is pretty small but alas.. it's the interwebz.
The Scriptzz Crew

So much for "what do you do all day?" Actually do a bit more than drawing chubby animals and ogle my cats... mostly... oh well.


Everyday Caturday at Jetoy

If you haven't heard of Jetoy yet AND get that stupid "Awwww!" look when you see a cute cat design AND love accessories with cats, you should think about peeking into their shop.

I just found those recently while checking up Yaya Love- a store chain recently spreading here in Berlin. To be honest ... I think I bought a bloody design-rip off wallet there. It makes me sad (and mad) so if you wanna go for the "real" stuff go for Jetoy.

I really like the black cat designs:

and the little red riding hoody cat:
as senseless as the image might be I guess some might think the same as I do: "Awwwww!!! Kitteh!!!"