phew... last done >.>

...oh my, sometimes you really want to finish a job. And than.. things keep tumbling, piling up, deadlines rush in and you just forget what is still on your list.
I admit I'm a master of it. I'm just glad customers are so patient (most of the time).
I recently (subtitle: today) finished four illustrations for Scriptzz, an agency Maike and me started working for last year.
We dedusted the corporate design and instead of photos I went for clean illustrated portraits. It looks nice in combination with the actual business card since you have face-name combination (I'm so bad at remembering faces... and i guess other people as well...) which makes the cards -for me- much more personal.

Sadly the web-result is pretty small but alas.. it's the interwebz.
The Scriptzz Crew

So much for "what do you do all day?" Actually do a bit more than drawing chubby animals and ogle my cats... mostly... oh well.

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