Perfect round chubby face look he does so often... and I never managed to get a picture of. Till yesterday. Cleaning the aquarium is always verrrryyyyy interesting for the cats. Han's always winking and mewing and checking out the fishies and Tretel loves to sit on the ladder (feeling quite superior) we use to refill.
If the ladder is blocked (with the water bucket... yes, we do it old school) he moves to the top of the cat post and makes those funny looking faces. Gahh, chubby face is so effin cute!


Flieg mit, kleine Eule!

"Flieg mit, kleine Eule!" is the European version of "Hoot Owl Hoot!" by Susan McKinley Ross. She's the author of Qwirkle and when I got the project I was super excited because the game is for little ones and super cute.
The American version has owl chips whereas Schmidt Spiele got little chubby owls produced and those are so darn cute. We matched the figurines as best as possible to the illustrated ones and I love them. You want to poke their small round booty all the time! *cough*

More information can be found HERE and the game should be available up from February for around 20 Euro. The price depends where you buy it so it could be a lot less as well.


New Games :D

Super Race -Schmidt Spiele

A smaller game in a shiny metal box (ohhh, I love those metal boxes... my editor doesn't). It's the one I did in my vacation and though we had only 7 days for everything I'm pleased with the whole thing.
The cover was actually the thing that took most of the time but hey, sometimes it's like that.

more information (German language) can be found here

Mensch Ärger Dich Nicht Kids- Schmidt Spiele

It's one of my favourites.... I only did the animals but doing chubby animals is like asking me if I want BJ ice-cream (*runs screaming yesssss* ). Of course I want! It's Ludo for smaller children who are too small for the dice-count-version since it's played with a color code only. The good thing is that you can decide if you want to play bunny, cat, mouse or dog rather than "I want to be...yellow".

more information (German language) can be found here

... and one more open for February but they haven't announced that one... yet. Eep!


fuzzles on my netbook

 Yes, he loves the netbook as well... or...

subtitle: "I'm more important. So do you duty: cuddle me. Subito!" 
How can I say no? Ever?