Spring sketch

Spring, protecting inception of life


instead of flowers...

i got jars. A lot of jars O_o I don´t even know if I need all those since I already mixed my basic colors. Well... at least I can´t complain that I have no jars for my colors for the next ... ten years.
I got a Miffy as well. I don´t like Miffy -__- I tried to "read" a book of those but after ten pages I thought "oh my god, where´s the plot, where the message?!"
If I offend anybody sorry, but I am rather into traditional story-telling. Or did anybody ever found a sense in Teletubby? See... that´s what I mean.
I´ll keep her. Ty couldn´t know so I can´t blame him. For a plush it´s kinda cute... if you ignore the Miffy fact.

my recent tool "list"
1. synthetic fan brush
2. bristle fan brush
3. bristle short head
4. bristle normal head
5. retouch brushes
6. synthetic cat-tongue
7. normal synthetic brush
8. bright sable
9. folding leg (for my palette ... not for painting)
10. sponges
11. hand broom (getting rid of dust)



Hippie sketch

Hippo+Bee= Hippie
anna finalize it... :(


strange... just strange

color charts ... after mixing.

bought that one today. Isn´t it ridiculous that somebody invented a lot of brush with so little head? I mean... the thing measures 30 centimeters... the head of it only 4 millimeters(!). It´s even more ridiculous that I bought two of those >_____> (and why do my fingers have the same baby pig color as the canvas????!)

it´s getting more and more crowded. Well... as long as the canvas fits on... and my coffee mug.



I bought two books last week. Those are:


I had a look into both yesterday and I think those are for semi-advanced painters.
I favour the first one since Annette Dozier included some pages which explain the materials not only via text but also with photos which i think is very important. Especially if you have no idea where and how to hold the different brushes.
Both books have step-by-step explanations with text and photos but in the end I think it´s a lot of guessing and trying out yourself. I thought about using some techniques on my own, had a look on my own illustrations and decided to try it when I am done with my recent proejct (Kulla 3). It might be frustrating to try new techniques in the middle of a project. For both me and my publisher.

-good explanation of brushes
-good explanation of colors (for those who have a problem mixing and wanna stick to given colors in the first place)
-good explanation of light/shadows
-excellent explanation of grayscale-technique (never found that in a book before....)

-not for total beginners
-if you want to learn techniques you bettter attend a course, the books are as additional material helpful afterwards
-the books can´t solve general problems and they won´t talk to you when you´re stuck

I think I will keep them although they disturb me a bit with the "general techniques". I work totally different (and that´s not via accident but I learned it that way) and I felt a bit bad about it afterwards. Like.... "Am I doing it wrong all time?!" XD
oh my...


acrylics again...

priming flowers... pink mix on green underground doesn´t really work without.

I should stop abusing my not so cheap Bodum cups as water mug >_>;


work at night

last year, around midnight
acrylics, canvas and lotsa coffee


daily office work

not everything has to be cute... especially daily work is kinda... different. ^^;



due to massive shortage of space in my living room (and workspace) i had to put the canvas of my second book on the walls @_@ it´s strange. I am not a fan of things on my wall but there was no other possibilty.

I´m already dithering about the other 40 canvases... oh my.


Tubby sketch

Kulla and the gossip birds


snow queen

I live in one of Berlin´s older buildings with old fancy double windows. In winter most of the times the outer window looks like that. Frozen and iced. Creepy, huh?

Chubbanimals 2009- oh my, I love it! The calendars are too late- seems like my package had to go through the customs and was opended due as a control sample. >_> Anyway, it´s amazing how good the quality is. I ordered only four and forgot to get one for my own office. Dang!



hello leaves...

mixing colors can be a real pain =_= I found dozens of green shades but not the one I really needed. I hope the mix won´t dry out before I am finished with all illustrations. Raaaaaahh!

hello colors. You mess up my workspace, you know that?