instead of flowers...

i got jars. A lot of jars O_o I don´t even know if I need all those since I already mixed my basic colors. Well... at least I can´t complain that I have no jars for my colors for the next ... ten years.
I got a Miffy as well. I don´t like Miffy -__- I tried to "read" a book of those but after ten pages I thought "oh my god, where´s the plot, where the message?!"
If I offend anybody sorry, but I am rather into traditional story-telling. Or did anybody ever found a sense in Teletubby? See... that´s what I mean.
I´ll keep her. Ty couldn´t know so I can´t blame him. For a plush it´s kinda cute... if you ignore the Miffy fact.

my recent tool "list"
1. synthetic fan brush
2. bristle fan brush
3. bristle short head
4. bristle normal head
5. retouch brushes
6. synthetic cat-tongue
7. normal synthetic brush
8. bright sable
9. folding leg (for my palette ... not for painting)
10. sponges
11. hand broom (getting rid of dust)

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