I bought two books last week. Those are:


I had a look into both yesterday and I think those are for semi-advanced painters.
I favour the first one since Annette Dozier included some pages which explain the materials not only via text but also with photos which i think is very important. Especially if you have no idea where and how to hold the different brushes.
Both books have step-by-step explanations with text and photos but in the end I think it´s a lot of guessing and trying out yourself. I thought about using some techniques on my own, had a look on my own illustrations and decided to try it when I am done with my recent proejct (Kulla 3). It might be frustrating to try new techniques in the middle of a project. For both me and my publisher.

-good explanation of brushes
-good explanation of colors (for those who have a problem mixing and wanna stick to given colors in the first place)
-good explanation of light/shadows
-excellent explanation of grayscale-technique (never found that in a book before....)

-not for total beginners
-if you want to learn techniques you bettter attend a course, the books are as additional material helpful afterwards
-the books can´t solve general problems and they won´t talk to you when you´re stuck

I think I will keep them although they disturb me a bit with the "general techniques". I work totally different (and that´s not via accident but I learned it that way) and I felt a bit bad about it afterwards. Like.... "Am I doing it wrong all time?!" XD
oh my...