Of course it HAD to happen. Normally I live in my happy good karma bubble but of course that ends apruptly when one things goes totally wrong. And another follows... and than the next.

My computer decided to crash again on friday. I started... he loaded and died.
Rahhh!!! How can you do that now that I have to finish the illustrations for my book. WHHHYYY?! Last time the same thing happened. Exactly. I had a deadline and the computer crashed. Unbelievable. I should say: "Well, no problem, I still have my cute lil netbook" But ever tried to retouch 60x30 cm images on a netbook?
No? well, me too and I dont really want to try it. >____> man, that sucks.

The only good thing is that my parents called yesterday. Those two are freaks when it comes to driving around in Europe (and not telling me.... ) making a trip to I-can´t-remember-maybe-italy-or-sweden-or-who-knows-they-didn´t-tell-me-sorry. I called them like ten millions times and nobody answered. Its bad if things twist up when you get older. When I was younger my mum always said: Call us when you get there, we wanna know that you are safe.
Now I have to remind them to call me or at least to take a mobile with them. It´s so odd.

"Hi, we just wanted to say we are close to XY now. We are a bit in a traffic jam but I think we gonna make it home around 7."
"Oh, i forgot to call you- we were in Italy. Listen, they had those cute toddler cloths and you know Erik..."
"Oh well. What can I say. We´re back?"
It´s pointless.....

Those guys... I never get it.


Bao Bao Xiong Mao

I wanna squish him *pinching cheeks*


New chub

hope I can finish this week.... god, I love him >_<


I´m so uncool +InterviewIn

"Guess my Job" was released -a small fun app, for those who wonder. I worked several days on the two cover characters and I´m kinda relieved that the final design works (since I had no idea what the guys who did the app will do with the characters). So colorful >_<

I know many people wonder: Is THAT what you do all day? No... not at all. Normally I jump around inbetween coordinating things, working on flash graphics, fiddling around with pixel graphics and abusing photoshop for character-designs and retouching graphics. And yes, I love my job. Crazy, isn´t it?

More than that... I got interviewed by InterviewIn:
tadaa.... not that many new facts but kinda nice to be there. I really enjoyed puttint in as many spelling mistakes as possible.. as you might realize while reading the interview. Trust, that was just done to keep you busy :D


hello sunshine!

It´s green again. Thanks god! Some more days/weeks and my "green phase" is gone as well.. oh well, I think my mixed colours won´t last any longer anyway.
The week was so exhausting. Since the sun is getting up early these days and directly shining into my bed-room I won´t last longer than around 6.15 in the morning. No matter how long the night was... 6.15. Ugh.
For somebody who loves to work at night it´s pretty disastrous - I guess I have to get into summer mode FAST.

book-fair in Leipzig was... strange. I can´t put together all the small things since I had just many huge things coming along. Talking with my editor was the hardest part. Not that it was bad but I think since I left school my capability of getting thousand information at once into my head decreased.
You know the situation when you really try to listen and concentrate very hard and you can feel how you get tired and all the information are spilling into a huge black hole.
ugh... that was me.
The book fair was for me good and somehow... no, it was not bad, I just have to adjust a bit more, I think. I work in a media company. I should now how to switch from plan A to plan D,E,F, even Z within a minute. >_< Normally I know because it´s "just work".

So, I´m back on my painting table, listening to "Fuerzabruta" again (I wish I can see the next show, too.... man, I love the group so much). For those who don´t know De La Guarda/Fuerzabruta: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taBAtxasWto
The title is "Corridor (Final)". Even without the performance the music is great.


Buns Bunch Sketch

i just love sleeping chubs *_*



the new site is finally online *again* with some old images and some graphics, additional information and a cute new design.
Man, that took AGES to finalize @_@



finally the middle and right one are "dead". I an´t use them anymore :((( Crap. The left is still kinda new. I know the brush doesn´t look that "healthy" but it´s sable. I think ALL brsuhes based on natural fur/hair/whatever die faster than the synthetics.

a 10x6 cm part of the whole huge thing. I like it.. but I think you won´t have such a close look later when the rest is done as well. But finally I found out which colors work (while painting with colors that do not work... wonderful XD ). I think this gonna be nice.


a very short week

I think I slept too long. Woke up at 15.00 and had (and still have) head-ache. Uh.... that´s why I don´t like to sleep too long. Every time I do it this happens. A bad start of a saturday, right?

Well... finally I got the Shikishi preview and a small sum-up (see above). I´m a bit miffed because my editor said: Let the color fade out please. o_o ... but it looks so strange. I wish I had chosen the pink puffy motive I wanted to do originally but anyway, the motive is cute and there are only 150 Shikishis, so I just hope and pray people will like it.

In the mean-time I started preparing a new project and as Judith said: "You´re a bit rusty, ne?"... yes, I am. I haven´t been drawing practically for three years. But still it works. I think some things work even better than before, other things got worse and generally I have to practice. I got a new sketch book, a new 2H-pencil (believe it or not, I could only find IKEA pencils at home >_> ) and I still have my Esto-eraser I got from Kei Ishiyama (and the eraser rocks, never had a better one).

Things work... just not as good as I want them to be. Maybe after the third book I really need a bit time to get back "into humans". And maybe it will work... than.

At the moment I struggle to be too optimistic. =_=

Back to my painting-table, I still have a sun-set to finish. And some green things... and my coffee.

And if somebody read it till the end: My new homepage will be online on Monday. Yes... THIS Monday. After three years. :D



must..... stop... but.... bunny ;_;... i mean.. bunny... you understand.



i like the combination but I think i´m gonna prime the orange over... hm..

love the brush-strokes you can see if you look close... °_° all those tiny details you normally see afterwards. The canvas wispers something like: I´m gonna be a pretty canvas, right?

Oh yes... hopefully you will, darling.

and that´s on my palette... left blotch. I think it really looks like a face. When I started doodling on it, I nearly couldn´t stop. Don´t make such a long face, not my fault that I don´t need more light blue at the moment :(


first signing-hours this year... so tired

Oh my... I always doubted that signing-hours in a library are a hit and smashing and exciting and exhausting.... I´ll NEVER doubt it again.
Today Marie, Inga, Natalie and me had signing-hours at the Hugo-Heimann-Library in Berlin. I was on time, I even had time for a little chat here and there before everything started and well, the library is one of the best I´ve seen in Berlin.

But who thought that a library could be so crowded. I saw some kids on my way and thought: "Well, those are young (around 7 and listened to their gangsta-music on mobile... oh my...I mean... oh my!)."
I forgot to check if a school is nearby. And yes, there is. A grammar school. And I feel like we had ALL students around our table. @_@
Normally a signing-hour is... 1 hour. We had two. And even two were not enough to handle all those kids streaming in. My hand was shaking afterwards, I´m so not used to draw since I paint more often. I couldn´t even hold my chop-sticks when Nata and me ate a bit afterwards (Asari Cey-Ro... yummy!!!!!). XD It´s not that bad but for me it shows that I have to draw more.
Painting is fluid and is mostly done with the whole arm and drawing is something that creeps into the hand and afterwards everything feels yelly-like (if you have a huge bunch of kids who all want pretty sketches).
For those who are in Berlin:
Check out the library... the librarians are so nice and friendly, the assortement is just wow! (so many comics ;___;) and the library is light and open and really a place you might like to spend some hours in.

I´ll have a second signing-hour there in April and I must say I´m looking forward to having another bunch of kids there. Even if it is located in Wedding (one of the districts most people might avoid), everybody behaved and the kids were open and nice. I think it always depends on how and where you meet them. :)

oh! oh! Ohhhhhhhhhh! I totally forgot to mention! My new homepage will be online in two weeks. Just in time (before book-fair in Leipzig). I tested the 0.5 version and I think this gonna be a perfect new start with lots of space to be filled (with FAQ, which I forgot... and Kulla pics.. which I forgot as well... and the comic... forgot it... well, you see my point..).


dinner for ten

so... yesterday I had a big and nice till-midnight-dinner with mah girls. Lotsa talk, a lot (too much) food, my best Panna Cotta ever (yummy ;_;), drinks, chats and strange discussions. But anyway I like those get-together. Living in the same city doesn´t really mean to meet more often. After nearly a year it gets just easier to find out who can come to which location because of reason XY.

I am so much looking forward to having the possibilty to meet in spring/summer and spend a nice warm evening in the park.

I ´m still a bit out of sorts and definitely slept too long =____= this night gonna be looonnnggg... I have to finish some stuff and commishs are piling up. It´s Murphy´s Law: When I´m stuck in work, things pile higher and higher.... the less I have to do the less things come in. I don´t understand it. I got the first request for november and even with a month so far away I am like "Oh my the Connichi is in September, so many things to do".
I still have no idea what to do this year... maybe a new chubbanimal thing or... well. No idea.
Have to think of it later. Coffee and canvas first.