dinner for ten

so... yesterday I had a big and nice till-midnight-dinner with mah girls. Lotsa talk, a lot (too much) food, my best Panna Cotta ever (yummy ;_;), drinks, chats and strange discussions. But anyway I like those get-together. Living in the same city doesn´t really mean to meet more often. After nearly a year it gets just easier to find out who can come to which location because of reason XY.

I am so much looking forward to having the possibilty to meet in spring/summer and spend a nice warm evening in the park.

I ´m still a bit out of sorts and definitely slept too long =____= this night gonna be looonnnggg... I have to finish some stuff and commishs are piling up. It´s Murphy´s Law: When I´m stuck in work, things pile higher and higher.... the less I have to do the less things come in. I don´t understand it. I got the first request for november and even with a month so far away I am like "Oh my the Connichi is in September, so many things to do".
I still have no idea what to do this year... maybe a new chubbanimal thing or... well. No idea.
Have to think of it later. Coffee and canvas first.

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Zeitwolf said...

ich find diese treffen immer so ausgleichend... auch wenn mich meine därme immer noch plagen, irgendwas hab ich nicht vertragen (evtl das Öl?)

leider konnte ich es dann auch nicht mehr genießen, als das losging :(