hello sunshine!

It´s green again. Thanks god! Some more days/weeks and my "green phase" is gone as well.. oh well, I think my mixed colours won´t last any longer anyway.
The week was so exhausting. Since the sun is getting up early these days and directly shining into my bed-room I won´t last longer than around 6.15 in the morning. No matter how long the night was... 6.15. Ugh.
For somebody who loves to work at night it´s pretty disastrous - I guess I have to get into summer mode FAST.

book-fair in Leipzig was... strange. I can´t put together all the small things since I had just many huge things coming along. Talking with my editor was the hardest part. Not that it was bad but I think since I left school my capability of getting thousand information at once into my head decreased.
You know the situation when you really try to listen and concentrate very hard and you can feel how you get tired and all the information are spilling into a huge black hole.
ugh... that was me.
The book fair was for me good and somehow... no, it was not bad, I just have to adjust a bit more, I think. I work in a media company. I should now how to switch from plan A to plan D,E,F, even Z within a minute. >_< Normally I know because it´s "just work".

So, I´m back on my painting table, listening to "Fuerzabruta" again (I wish I can see the next show, too.... man, I love the group so much). For those who don´t know De La Guarda/Fuerzabruta: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taBAtxasWto
The title is "Corridor (Final)". Even without the performance the music is great.

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