I´m so uncool +InterviewIn

"Guess my Job" was released -a small fun app, for those who wonder. I worked several days on the two cover characters and I´m kinda relieved that the final design works (since I had no idea what the guys who did the app will do with the characters). So colorful >_<

I know many people wonder: Is THAT what you do all day? No... not at all. Normally I jump around inbetween coordinating things, working on flash graphics, fiddling around with pixel graphics and abusing photoshop for character-designs and retouching graphics. And yes, I love my job. Crazy, isn´t it?

More than that... I got interviewed by InterviewIn:
tadaa.... not that many new facts but kinda nice to be there. I really enjoyed puttint in as many spelling mistakes as possible.. as you might realize while reading the interview. Trust, that was just done to keep you busy :D

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