a very short week

I think I slept too long. Woke up at 15.00 and had (and still have) head-ache. Uh.... that´s why I don´t like to sleep too long. Every time I do it this happens. A bad start of a saturday, right?

Well... finally I got the Shikishi preview and a small sum-up (see above). I´m a bit miffed because my editor said: Let the color fade out please. o_o ... but it looks so strange. I wish I had chosen the pink puffy motive I wanted to do originally but anyway, the motive is cute and there are only 150 Shikishis, so I just hope and pray people will like it.

In the mean-time I started preparing a new project and as Judith said: "You´re a bit rusty, ne?"... yes, I am. I haven´t been drawing practically for three years. But still it works. I think some things work even better than before, other things got worse and generally I have to practice. I got a new sketch book, a new 2H-pencil (believe it or not, I could only find IKEA pencils at home >_> ) and I still have my Esto-eraser I got from Kei Ishiyama (and the eraser rocks, never had a better one).

Things work... just not as good as I want them to be. Maybe after the third book I really need a bit time to get back "into humans". And maybe it will work... than.

At the moment I struggle to be too optimistic. =_=

Back to my painting-table, I still have a sun-set to finish. And some green things... and my coffee.

And if somebody read it till the end: My new homepage will be online on Monday. Yes... THIS Monday. After three years. :D

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