finally the middle and right one are "dead". I an´t use them anymore :((( Crap. The left is still kinda new. I know the brush doesn´t look that "healthy" but it´s sable. I think ALL brsuhes based on natural fur/hair/whatever die faster than the synthetics.

a 10x6 cm part of the whole huge thing. I like it.. but I think you won´t have such a close look later when the rest is done as well. But finally I found out which colors work (while painting with colors that do not work... wonderful XD ). I think this gonna be nice.


Sara said...

Your skies are so beautiful. I adore your coloring and the way you paint your dreamy clouds.

It is a shame that brushes get ruined so quickly! Just a few uses with oils and acrylics really give them a beating. ><

Iru said...

ich liebe die wunderschönen farbverläufe :3! hoffentlich sieht man bald das ganze meisterwerk !

Zeitwolf said...

brushes with air made of acrylic are much more resistent, because of their molecule structe, which ist chains instead of cells like hair have it. /nerdy gibberish

I remember you mentioning a lightbulb you use for painting at nighttime. Could you remind me of the make, pwetti please? :D