first signing-hours this year... so tired

Oh my... I always doubted that signing-hours in a library are a hit and smashing and exciting and exhausting.... I´ll NEVER doubt it again.
Today Marie, Inga, Natalie and me had signing-hours at the Hugo-Heimann-Library in Berlin. I was on time, I even had time for a little chat here and there before everything started and well, the library is one of the best I´ve seen in Berlin.

But who thought that a library could be so crowded. I saw some kids on my way and thought: "Well, those are young (around 7 and listened to their gangsta-music on mobile... oh my...I mean... oh my!)."
I forgot to check if a school is nearby. And yes, there is. A grammar school. And I feel like we had ALL students around our table. @_@
Normally a signing-hour is... 1 hour. We had two. And even two were not enough to handle all those kids streaming in. My hand was shaking afterwards, I´m so not used to draw since I paint more often. I couldn´t even hold my chop-sticks when Nata and me ate a bit afterwards (Asari Cey-Ro... yummy!!!!!). XD It´s not that bad but for me it shows that I have to draw more.
Painting is fluid and is mostly done with the whole arm and drawing is something that creeps into the hand and afterwards everything feels yelly-like (if you have a huge bunch of kids who all want pretty sketches).
For those who are in Berlin:
Check out the library... the librarians are so nice and friendly, the assortement is just wow! (so many comics ;___;) and the library is light and open and really a place you might like to spend some hours in.

I´ll have a second signing-hour there in April and I must say I´m looking forward to having another bunch of kids there. Even if it is located in Wedding (one of the districts most people might avoid), everybody behaved and the kids were open and nice. I think it always depends on how and where you meet them. :)

oh! oh! Ohhhhhhhhhh! I totally forgot to mention! My new homepage will be online in two weeks. Just in time (before book-fair in Leipzig). I tested the 0.5 version and I think this gonna be a perfect new start with lots of space to be filled (with FAQ, which I forgot... and Kulla pics.. which I forgot as well... and the comic... forgot it... well, you see my point..).

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