Fabric odyssey

I got a new test fabric. I think the color is totally fine but the fabric looks too thin. What do you think? Might that be the final color?
I really love the texture of the polskin fabric- feels like micro leather u normally use for glasses. Really soft.


you might...

... totally enjoy Aran's blog as much as I do. I discovered her ... well, i have no idea when but it was in spring. That's one thing i know for sure. Why? Because she has fantastic ice cream recipes and I was looking for those (mostly because I'm crazy about strawberry sorbet and she has the perfect recipe).
She's a nice person and answered some questions about the whole "do we need a compressor for that?!"- thing (and yes, you do...). So crawl through and enjoy her wonderful photos (I always get hungry seeing those =_=; ... crap!).


Freezin a kitteh booty off!!!

today in the morning. It's so effin cold here! CRAP!



I guess it's always the same. Somethings goes totally wrong and you start screaming "XY, DO something!"
(German for beginners: "Mach was!"... that's what I scream... say... cry.. whatever).
Frank is Pong's dad. He sleeps a lot. Obviously.
The more comics I do the more I doubt it's funny. But I like Frank. He's so calm. I would like to be a bit more like Frank.



Whoaaa... .being sick sucks. I have the feeling I have to clog my nose or else my sketchbook will have an addition I don't really want. Ewwww...
The only good thing is that it's so boring on the sofa that I have million minutes to think of new comic strips >_> ... oh my.


Chubbible Day 15- morning sketching

something for Sunday... I love my sketchbook, the more I draw in it the better the format gets.
For those who want to try the sketchbook as well (highly recommended): http://www.artsupply.com/moleskin/watercolor%20notebook.jpg
that's it. The paper is awesome!


Chubbible Day 12- on speed

digital sketch since i really want to do that. I had another sketch with clouds but nearly hitting the ground looks far more ... on speed.
With the super goggles Hippo can do everything! >_<
.. will work on it when I have more time (which is atm not the case :/ )


Allas Issue -Les Dames

Today i got a totally green envelope from Jessica who was so kind to send me 3 mags of the swedish "Allas" issue 52/53.

Inside... weee! My zodiac girls. Again! And so totally different from what the polish mag did with them.

Me loves it. The quality of the mag is wonderful and I am so proud :)

Chubbible Day 11- Boobed

Pong had no idea why everybody was laughing at him. He wanted to go to a party and the coconuts were presents. He didn't really look at the poster behind him though. It might have explained... a lot.
Stays black n white but I think of redoing it digitally.


Chubbible Day 10

Happy new year!!!!

... i slept off before I finished. The should be the tail of Momo hanging into the picture. (what would everybody do?- Right! We would pull on it to test what it is...)