Fabric odyssey

I got a new test fabric. I think the color is totally fine but the fabric looks too thin. What do you think? Might that be the final color?
I really love the texture of the polskin fabric- feels like micro leather u normally use for glasses. Really soft.


Anda said...

I like this new fabric more.. it looks softer and it's not that "intense shiny purple"-like. It's more cuddly and cute ^^

Guimi said...

I think this fabric is the best one so far. Go for it!
It may be less resistant but I mean... it's not a plushie for dogs XD

trenchmaker said...

@Guimi thought that as well but the fabric is normally used for funiture so it should last. I mean, if you start chewing on Hippo... oh well.... ^^

Guimi said...

For furniture? Then no problem, yay!! Soft and smooth Hippo *__*