Chubbible Day 15- morning sketching

something for Sunday... I love my sketchbook, the more I draw in it the better the format gets.
For those who want to try the sketchbook as well (highly recommended): http://www.artsupply.com/moleskin/watercolor%20notebook.jpg
that's it. The paper is awesome!


Anda said...

aaaah you changed your header! this is SO cool and original :love:

Jéssica said...

Eu quero! *O* hehe!
Também adorei o seu header! Muito lindo!

Sab said...

sweet new header ! ^_^

Sara said...

I've used standard moleskines, but never their watercolor versions. The texture looks wonderful!

I love your new comics. They are cute, funny, charming, and simply make me happy!

Anonymous said...

Wie heißt das Papier jetzt genau? Und bekomme ich das überall?

Ich liebe deine Comics!
Schon mal daran gedacht, sie an eine Zeitung zu schicken????
(Hägar wurde auch so berühmt (?))