Happy New Year!

Before it's too late and I know I will spend tomorrow with swimming *yowzaa* and eating (honestly the swimming is just an excuse for the overboarding dinner) I hope everybody has a wonderful New Year's eve and can spend the time with sombody (or a whole bunch of people) you're close to.

Here the terror of fireworks and happy kids making a lot of kaboom has already begun (two days ago....) and sometimes it sounds like we live in war-zone. Actually we do since I live on the border to Neukölln and gosh, the district gets crazy with fireworks and basically everything making a lot of noise.

Happy New Year and make some good New Year's resolutions you can keep and motivate you. I already have three big ones and I'm willing to do (mostly) everything to stick to them and achieve my goals.

Looking back this year was crazy... and I wouldn't have changed one minute.

Let's rock 2013! :D


I got myself for Christmas....

 ... obviously not Hantje. As always she's in her floaty boat watching lazily as I work... on comic pages. Actually the one you see is a reworked version of "anger a kitteh"... a page hopefully finished tomorrow. I so want to work on a snow page right now.
I got myself a Spyder4 Pro.
This tiny little stinker is essential for calibrating my screens. I have no idea if you ever had the chance to calibrate *your* screens but having a good screen also means you might want to invest in a buddy who helps you to see the actually correct colors. Nobody wants to be shocked in the final print version. Though I have to admit: If the printer messes up you'll end up shocked anyway. But it's a good start and for me essential.
IF you think "Oh shiny... me wants" check the Datacolor hardware. There are different versions of the Spyder. I had a OneEye before which was fine as well.

Tretel normally hogs the heater place. I am amazed he still fits in.


Kniffel- Das Kartenspiel

It's one of the board games I did this year and it's one of the more abstract ones. And gosh, since I already have my printed version (whoot!) I can say the print turned out gorgeous and the colors simply awesome (ever tried to convert a pretty RGB violet shade to CMYK?... pure nightmare!). We had such a rough start and I struggled a lot with the concept but once I skipped the idea to adapt the old style and make it very 2012 the project was fun.

For those who know the old Kniffel game(s) and loved it you might fancy to check out this one as well.
Basic information and the backside can be found at boardgamegeek. Kniffel will come out in February after the Nürnberg fair (and three other ones I'll blog about as soon as I'm allowed to).

I'll show some pics after Christmas- at the moment I'm trying to squeeze so many different things into one day it's kinda scary. Duh. I'm happy when we can finally flop down on the couch after Christmas.


Big things that make life a lot easier....

I am currently inbetween game projects (though I still need to do 40 illustration sketches till January for one) and work (a lot) more on Chubs. The final goal is so damn close I could literally touch it... if I didn't have to paint everything. But... oh well... some pages take longer... some don't.
At them moment I have one of those "1 week for one page" thingies and it keeps unnerving me.

Anyways... when we started a lot of things were unclear. I had a rough plan of the cats' house but the more pages Lew and I did the more complicated it got.
Where's that cupboard? Where's the desk? If I have bird perspective will it look good. Should I zoom in? I had to do a lot of corrections because while drawing I realized the perspective sucked. Or didn't look right.

We decided to use Sketch Up. Lew was so patient and constructed the house up from scratch (isn't she great?!). We based it on the logic of the first comic pages and ended up with a pretty weird house probably nobody would built like that but it's cozy and I'd totally move in (if the kitchen was bigger...). Having a rough construction helps A LOT. If you ever decide to do something longer with a lot of interaction in one place you might be interested in using the (free) Sketch Up as well.

I still have to draw everything (digitally) and add a lot of details but the base is always correct and we can move the angle till the view looks perfect. It won't safe that much time in the beginning but the more I work with those screenshots the more I love it. Sketch Up doesn't love us back and is buggy as hell but that's bearable.



 *click for full view... it's huge*

It's just a detail of an illustration I did for Saskia as a gift. She had an odd doodle version in her sketch book and I wanted to do something full color when I had some more time.

I worked with those pastel like brushes on my last board game project as well and it was fun to try out something different. Though you won't be able to see the many details in the final format (worked on poster size for promotional material right up from the beginning) it was nice and fun and I think it underlines the age group it's made for and the actual concept. I hope people will like it and I hope nobody will complain about flying eggs (which are supposed to be owls actually).

The brushes were from Deviantart- I tried to remember which set it was but since my library grew over the last couple of years (at least for faking natural media) I honestly gave up. So before anybody ask: No effin idea and I can't provide a link. Sorry.

I want to try doing a live wallpaper in that style and hope it works. It would be cool to have something more... natural looking for the android.


Maybe the last... maybe... really...

Today I was curious and counted how many board-games I did this year... it's 7 1/2 (the Gingerbread expansion for Carcassonne is the 1/2). Freaking hell.
No wonder I didn't really do that many comic pages I wanted to do. =.= Theoretically it's 7 weeks for every game, some took one... some took way more. I always wonder how people who work full-time on board-games handle that (I don't and I won't) but since I enjoy the "party hard on all parties" option I guess it's keeping up the spirit.

I'll (hopefully) the manual illustrations for the last one tomorrow and I'm already soo looking forward for the finishing line. Theoretically. The after-glow normally keeps up till we have to prep the game fair material (subtitle: not that long).

For those who are curious: 4 will be released next year, 2 for kids, 2 family games, 1 of those a spin-off of a game probably everybody knows and it might be slightly shocking.

I am a bit fed up for this year and hope I can finish the last comic pages. My priorities were messed up though I have to admit I love the job and a project gets me excited like some girls an unlimited credit card plus a shoe shop.

I hope I can doodle again, upload some sketches, some nerdy cat pics, some... other pics and basically enjoy the spirit of a freelancer on a two-months break. It's luxury and I'll enjoy it.


Till I get restless again.


Who needs Maru....

... if you have Tretel :D Same genes, same reaction to empty boxes... I really wanted to reuse this one but seems it's a useless battle.

Isn't it weird when people send you birthday wishes way to early? I always feel uncomfortable. O_o


Animaco- some pictures

 Somebody turned into a happy bunny :D 9 minutes after official start... and the only pillow I actually had was GONE. I'm happy that it's with somebody who adores it. I still can't describe the quality. Except it's awesome. If you happen to want one for yourself, follow the white rabbit.
 Dat cosplay! Aren't these girls awesome? I think these were three of the most hilarious ones and they made my day.
 Yayyyyy! A Kulla!!! She was so cute and totally adorable. *_*
 ... wicked awesome. Did I mention wicked awesome? Yes, they were.
 Obviously... Cats! And she was great.
 Maaaaany plushies I really would like to call mine. But unfortunately I can't... not enough space for so many plushies. Though I wouldn't mind having 1... or 2... or all.
 X Men very first class.
These were sooooooo cute and the customes were soooo nice and they were just pure eye candy.

If you think: Wow, doesn't look crowded- yes, well... we were located in a seperate room for artists and I was grateful for it. The merchants space was PACKED and even though we had waffles scent around us all the time (pure nightmare @_@) it was way better than "down in the merchants cave".
I will upload some happy frog owners and other... things... later. Generally it was nice, exhausting and I met some awesome fellow artists, friends and colleagues and I would do it again though I'm still effin tired and feel the con in my bones.


Animaco 2012!

Trärääää! Und plötzlich ging es sooo schnell! O_O Dieses Wochenende findet die animaco in Berlin statt. Ich werde dort sein! Natürlich bei den Zeichnern und hoffentlich seelig zwischen Mirjam, Marina und vielen mehr.

Was ich dabei habe, könnt ihr euch HIER ansehen. Ich hatte schon ganz vergessen, wieviel STRESS die ganze Vorbereitung macht @_@ Ein paar mehr Leute haben auch die Option der Reservierung genutzt und vorbestellt und man, hier siehts aus. Wie in einer Trollhöhle mit gefühlt tausend Paketen.

Trotzdem! Ich freu mich druff und vielleicht sehen wir uns ja :3 Ich krakel gerne in Conhons, insofern mich nicht wieder jemand nach "einem kawaii Charakter aus One Piece" oder "son Pokemonster, na du weißt schon, so wai halt" fragt. Da frag ich mich manchmal, wo die Kids ihr Deutsch lernen und seit wann "wai" ein Wort ist.*kopfkratz*




Tretel is a real man... now

Tretel catched his first bird yesterday- a young titmouse. Through the wired cat-net we have on the balacony. I was stunned, horrified and proud at the same time.
Lucky he is a wanna-play-cat and didn't kill the bird immediately. Thank god I am sick and home right now. O_o Otherwise we'd have a dead bird and even more feathers in the apartement. I snatched the birdie and set him free. He wasn't injured and everything seem to be still in place. After heavily breathing for 15 minutes he finally took off.
Tretel was highly dissapointed and lamented the whole time.

I am still horrified AND proud. Twisted mind of a cat owner I'd say.


Oh wee!

I am currently in quaratine with a virus which is kinda odd and annoying and I'm staring at the ceiling and think "I sooo want to do something... anything...". Next to having problems with a sore throat and coughing and sitting around doing practically nada I wanted to say: SPIEL fair was so cool!
I was overwhelmed like a kid in candystore.
I met Dheny and Dirk and those two being -in my opinion- hardcore boardgamer we tested two games and though they totally stressed me out... I bought them.
If you wonder:
Panic Lab
Prepare for sweat if you buy those!
I am happy Dheny dragged us along, I think I'd never found Panic Lab myself. I met some colleagues, saw a lot of nerds, even more nerds and the hardcore nerds and I really want to be there next year as well. Oh Ty will crawl up the walls when he reads this. I guess I should tell him beforehand.

Oh, and since the Carcassonne Winter-Edition is FINALLY out:
The cover illustration- a collab with Irene (engelszorn.deviantart.com). I am so pleased how the whole game came out in print. If you remember this you know what I was working on. The detail work was imo worth the cramps since the details are still there, tiny tiny details you can see if you look very close. It's so awesome.
I am still amazed that I could do this and got into happy bunny mode as soon as I could get my hands on a package. Raww!!!! :D

And because I post never rarely pics of myself... the current me is this:
It's nice how much eating healthy (I eat a lot nevertheless... and I really mean A LOT) and sports can do for you. I highly recommend it. If you have a desk job being a couch potato is no option- that's the lesson I learned. 

*pressing the publish button before I start regretting it >_< *


Cute galore!

*click for bigger image*
Next to finishing pages, 2 board games and keeping up with social life (I am still surpirse I keep that one steady... wow) AND normal work I prepared some things for the Animaco in Berlin.
I got my proof prints yesterday and realized these went horribly wrong with a flipped backside. Lew said she wouldn't mind but I mind a lot and less than perfect is not on my Wanted list.

Everything's already in pre-sale since I have no problem with first come, first serve. If I end up having three mugs and only buttons left... oh well, it will be fun anyway.

If you are still looking for cute christmas gifts read the journal entry HERE.


There is no "too small"

apparently... it's getting cold and huddling together seems to be the perfect idea. Even if it's your annoying big bro.


Always one step ahead

Today my parents, Ty and me went to the Berlin Aquarium. It's beautiful. Too many people watching the aquatic life only through a camera or even ipad viewfinder (honestly... wtf!) but I enjoyed it a lot. The longer I have my own little aquarium the more I can appreciate the effort they made with this huge and beautiful and just awesome displays.
We only made it up to the turtles (2nd floor) since my mum's still struggling to walk and I was exhausted after 2 hours as well not to mention Ty was still coughing like hell and my dad is in rehab (heart issues). We were quite a pack of invalids today but nevertheless it was fun and I'm grateful I still can have those kids-parents days as a grown-up.

I didn't quite manage to take nice pics but whenever you happen to be in Berlin, visit the Aquarium connected to the Zoo. You won't regret it.

What I appreciate most is how creative and just etheral some of the fauna can be (flora as well... sea flora is just wow) and that whenever you think you created the most beautiful design ever you see those delicate jellyfishes and weird crazy but awesome intricate forms you see: Nature is always one step ahead.
Whatever you draw... nature was more creative. Dang! XD But it's so inspiring. I love going there just to recharge my creative batteries and get new ideas.
I hope I can visit again this year. Probably at an unholy time with less tourist hords stomping through with too many flashes and cameres and ipads and... no appreciation at all.


Pillows, Cats and appreciation wall

 Pillow cases from my artofwhere store and Hantje. She's 2 1/2 years old.... oddly she looks a lot like the comic Patches O.o
 Tidied my workspace...
 ... and the other one as well. The canvas is something I wanted to finish for ages for my parents. I hope I can make it till christmas.
The white gap inbetween is where my KitKat clock normally creeps out guests. I had to take it down since the battery needs to be recharged. Otherwise I added some more of the gifts I got by Lew, Saskia, Dheny, YueYuki, Irene, Eick, Christina and IreneShpak. 2 still need to be framed but I always forgot to buy big frames. Did I mention I love those? :3 Did I ever mention I wouldn't mind getting more? >_<

I'm still sneezing and the flue wasn't something I totally longed for but I hope next week I'm back at the drawing table. Tons to finish before the cons in Essen and Berlin start.


It's coming....

... only five more weeks :3
Click Click for awesomeness!

For those who will be at the game fair in Essen:
Ty and me will be there on Friday, hopefully shopping myself into bliss and chatting with Dheny. *yay*

Anybody else who will be there?


Squishy Han

 It's time for figs again. I love them! Especially the ripe ones you can barely cut because it's just all melting away. Yummy!
 Squishy Hantje is squishy. I replaced her kitteh bed with another one that's normally on the TV-set (in winter it's really warm and she hogs it all the time). Good thing for her: Tretel is too fat big to fit in. She's really content. I guess it's the feeling of being totally wrapped in soft cushion fluff.
... successfully squished!


HARD work

Sometimes it's really funny how much effort you have to put in making something look... like this. These two fellows are 2 of ... I forgot how many (something over 30) illustrations I did for "Zebra-Schwein" and probably the most hilarious ones.
The whacko pig even got to be the cover piggie. Very impressive- I know. ;)

I think I'd even put those into my portfolio just to show how much effort I can put in doing no details, no shading, no... everything. I guess everybody who's into "oh here a stroke and there a stroke... and some thousand more" knows how hard it can be to make something NOT perfect.
I like the ----------- (that was Hantje stomping around on my keyboard) two nevertheless. Quite the biggest challenge.

I try to collect all the doodles and process sketches I had to do for Boom Boom Ballon. Finding the final form of the birdies was a long road and I hope it might be interesting for some people to see that most of the times it's worth the effort to do some many different concepts to find the very final shape.

I hope I still have those... somewhere.


Tetris cat 2

I'd wish I had anything else to blog about but the exciting stuff comes out in October and January so... cat pics till your eyes bleed.

around 10:00 in the morning.... tetris cat 2.0- the "I iz dead"-position

1 hour later.... slowly crawling along on the floor. I still don't understand his need to lie on his back and why he keeps hogging chair legs. Normally I find him in exactly *that* position on his back... facing the wall. Strange cat is strange.
Hantje seriously doesn't care.
He doesn't even care if I walk around taking pics. I even poked him with my feet twice. Utterly igorant with zero reaction. Oh well...

I have to finish some things today and hope we won't melt away. Ty said it will be the hottest week-end and all I can think of is that I need to work, drown in coffee and maybe enjoy some balcony time in the evening.

I'm totally looking forward to starting my vacation in 1 week. :D It's nothing special but I want to make the most out of it which means lotsa napping, skating in the middle of the week *luxury!* and visit family (at least the part that's in Germany right now).


Tretel's breakfast nap

The cats tend to rotate with us in the appartment. When I am in the studio room... they hover along. When we're having breakfast you have to keep an eye on your feet since Tretel tends to flop down and you might step on a tail accidently.
Hantje prefers the tables and windows since she has a much better view on the table's content. Clever cat.

Tretel... i have no idea if this is relaxing but he keeps doing it and today I finally had the chance to take a picture while he was snorring. It's a bit like cat tetris- see if you can fit your body in every free space. Well, if it's comfortable. O_o;


8 years

So.... some people asked for the first illustration. Actually the very first was made on canvas with acrylics but I don't have a photo of that one (and I'm kinda happy about it...*orz* ) but while dugging in my junkyard of old files I found this:
... I get the twisted mix of shame (practically happens when I see ALL the old stuff I made because hey 8 years can change a lot), guilt (because I did this) and being proud (because though it's 8 years old I've seen worse...).
It was made for a computer equipment company and obviously they thought manga is cool, so we do something with a bikini girl in manga look and because *gasping for air* I still was into drawing manga stuff at that time I... said yes.

In the end is was A4 size in a mag (couldn't find it and I have no idea if I still have it) and looked like this:
*guilt trip number 2*
I have no idea how much I got for it.

So... that's the first and I think everybody has one of those corpses deeply hidden somewhere. Now mine's official ^^;

how much time passed before you were sure you want to stay freelance and before it looked like a good place to stay in?
Does it ever? Actually I still have those moments when I think "Buh, just a normal work would be kinda nice... or something totally different." Those mostly happen when I worked too long on only 1 project or need my batteries recharged.
I think last year I finally decided to push those thoughts back and enjoy the work fully. Mostly because I got more job offers than I was and will be able to handle and because that of course meant I didn't have to take any jobs I 100%ly know would be a pain in the ass to get through.
I know every job can turn into something stressfull up from a certain point but I try to keep those on a very low level and as long as I can say "hey, actually I will have a decent pension!" and "yes, I can spare 200 bucks for new RAM" it's okay. I don't feel the pressure to do *everything* any more and that's pretty good.

would it be possible to be where you are right now without dedicating your time that much (sleepless nights, constant working during day, maybe even concentrating only on work and abandoning everything else)?
Um... no. =_= I had a lot of jobs that pushed me to the limit and even one where I actually had a moment of crying and being just done and everything hurt and though it was like my biggest nightmare it always reminds me where my limits are. And that the word "limit" also includes to listen to your body and if something feels impossible to do it's better to say no.
The other thing is that I know people appreciate that I take care of delivering the quality they expect and sometimes it means working 1-6 hours more. And that's okay... I rather work longer than delivering crap.
I know this makes me a bit of a hermit most of the time- which is okay since I'm not *that* social and have no cravings to party hard. As long as I can meet a friend for skating or exhausting myself in the high ropes courses it's okay.

who and what helped you the most? 
For one... my family, because I could do what I wanted to do though they doubted everything in the beginning and I had to earn their understanding and respect for the job. This might sound bad but my parents life in a totally different world and it's okay because they still tried hard and understand now that it's my life and what I'm breathing.
The other one much obviously is my boyfriend because I'm a mess when it comes to daily chores and being tidy and doing my tax papers (you see where this leads... hopeless case regarding reality) and I'm just a lucky girl that I have someone who has no problems with helping out and being organized (am not), being there for me when I have those mental moments right before a deadline and who entertains the cats when I have to work. That means of course I have the best male individum on the planet because he bears and (not always) accepts my chaos.

Possibly I have to admit the what-part would be growing up within the last couple of years(up to a certain point). I got more easy-going, more confident and more aware of the whole... how to explain... communication-subtitle-reflecting-calculating-everything-around-a-job thing.
I worked on my soft skills and though I'm still failing now and than I think it's a part of the experience. The other thing is deciding in which direction I want to go (which included dropping some ideas and concentrating on others). It meant a lot of testing, a lot of weird jobs and a lot of "Oh god, never again" but I found out where my strong points are and that helped a lot.

I think I don't have to mention that payment is and will always be a critical point in the freelancer job and I can strongly advise to sell yourself not cheaply. We always  have to accept prices when we go into the supermarket, buy clothes and everything else. The freelance field doesn't follow the same rules but it doesn't mean everybody can treat you as a doormat.
I had a lot of talks with customers who had brilliant ideas but expected me to work for free or believe in the "There will be money once we have a publisher"-talk (which is ridiculous.. every publisher can always choose a different illustrator- you're the smallest problem they'll have). The problem is: It's always the vision and dream of somebody else and it's up to you and only you if you want to to work for that vision or not. Never feel the pressure to say yes, because somebody gets totally emotional.
I don't want this to sound totally demotiviating but you have to keep as neutral as possible in those moments.
I'll try the puppy eyes as well when I want something (cheaper) and it's still up to the other person if my puppy eyes work or not. Keep it in mind.

I din't beta anything of the text above. If you find mistakes- keep them ;)


Happy anniversary.... kinda

I totally forgot... no wait... actually I didn't- I just had no idea what to write (the part I DID write came of like "evil customers from hell"- something I spare you, myself and the evil customers of doom).

8 years freelancing and still rollin'! Rollin better than ever but the downside is that my old bones need regular sleep now... and tons of sport. Something that was questionable 8 years ago. I could go 48 hours without sleep- though I remember I happened to look like a squirrel on drugs afterwards- and work my ass off but maybe it's not so bad that I crave at least 6h a day and actually get those.

I have no idea if anybody is interested in 8-years-old wisdom.If yes, drop me a line and let me know what you're eager to know.

I'm curious about the next 8 years. It's been a lot of up and down for me- sometimes I think the inner struggle never stops but maybe it's good and it means progress and that's something... I never want to stop.

You still remember your first computer? I started with Paint (PIXEL.. huge, chunky PIXEL...) and Norton Commander on a very old mule. I still used floppy disks (if you wonder, a floppy disk looks like THIS .. the left one... Yes, the HUGE one XD ) and datasettes. That feels like 1 Million years away but actually it's not. )I'm happy my equipment improved over 2 decades... btw...)
Remember when you had to dial up for internet access and it basically sounded like entering the matrix or destroying an R2D2 slowly? Whoa...I feel so old school just because that was my childhood/youth. O_O


Whipped Cream

the wallpaper can be downloaded >>HERE<<
have fun!


Chillin' Tretel

When I did my Christmas illustration somebody complained that Kiki's pose is absolutely impossibe. Actually... it's just what I see every day. Tretel loves to sit like that *everywhere*.
TV -dangling paws in front-, couch, table, kitchen, tub, toilet, cat post, cat post II, cupboard, 2.25 m cupboard top. He just does. And I often wonder if it's really so comfortable but since he keeps doing it I guess it is. Somehow.

If there was a competetition about doing whacko posing he'd totally win it.


Bumm Bumm Ballon!

 Yay! One of my highlights this year -jobwise- because that game is effin fun!

Actually the game will be available in other countries as well but with a different cover, packaging and not our awesome manual (the manual is really awesome, me so proud!).

In Germany you'll be able to get it directly at the SPIEL in Essen (I cross my fingers for it- at least) or regular in stores.
Publisher: Schmidt Spiele
rating: Awesome! Get it as soon as it is out!

On Amazon Germany

It's kinda awesome how simple the packaging looks when you know how many hours I actually put into that thing. O.o we're still mulling over some additional things but basically I'll be happy to watch people test it in Essen :B And yes.... Ty and me will be there (whoot!).

How it works?


And even more plush stuff!

Owner of the collection is nhalyia and I'm quite envious of her >_< mostly because she has the pencil cases already. Rahh, aren't they cute?
I especially love how the oh noes motive (yes, header of my blog) turned out. and I love froggy o.o

And even more photo galore:
 Owener is Gabi and yes, I'm fangirling a lot when I get pics. It's just amazing and I am happy that people actually use the opportunity of the Artofwhere Shop though it's in Montreal but still.. they have the best quality and I'm a sucker when it comes to awesome handmade things.

As always you can find all products here



I have to admit... I like medievalsomethinghousenumbertenmillionohthere'sadog-jobs but sometimes I miss my chubs work. I hope I can finish all the missing comic pages for this month next week (brilliant optimism, I has you!) and finish some more medievalsomethinghousenumbertenmillionohthere'sadog things and next to that I finally started working on the 4th calendar. I have no idea when I will finish but I pray I have some a lot time in July/August/September/whatit'salreadyDecemberholysh#+§.

*hint* there's a story...
I dislike how it looks so unfinished but surprise! it IS unfinished and the only person I can blame for it is me, myself and I. I normally try to get the face right and mull over the rest when I have more time (ending up redoing everything anyway). I want to stick to a non so 3dimensional style and include some more funny geeky illustrations this time and hope it works out and people won't freak out when they get weird stuff for their birth month.

At the moment I'm happy I have my moleskine with me most of the time since lately I keep getting tons of ideas (obviously always the case when you can't work on them....) and have to scribble those down with additional notes. Totally not worth uploading but good to keep them for more than 3 nano seconds.

Farewell, I have to finish a bit more of medievalsomethinghousenumbertenmillionohthere'sadog. Buh. I still love the job. I tell myself so.


New Stuff!

Actually only one photo (thanks to the very lovely Stumdaemonin on Deviantart)
How freakin cute is that?! The motive fits so perfectly on the pillow case I can't believe it! I know I shouldn't freak out over one of my own motives but it's just so cool seeing those as actual products and huggable fluffy pillows. *can't get over it*
There are tons of new things in my ArtofWhere-shop which you can find here:
Follow the chubby panda

As always: If you have any questions regarding shipping yaddayadda use the help form on the page. Kate and Joey who run the show can help you if you take your time to ask them and they are nice and won't bite. :3

I started skating again after a decade of absence (yes... TEN years... how could I?!) and it felt so good. I used to skate 3-4 hours in a row and now getting back into it feels like coming home and totally new at the same time. In ten years so many things changed and I'm a tad more scared to break any body parts I might need for work (like arms, head and neck... who cares for legs).
Berlin has some pretty neat routes for bikers and skaters only and all the 6km+ will be mine O_O

If you have the option to get outside and stretch those stiff necks after a long day at the drawing table: do it.
Trust me, working all day and not doing anything for your muscles won't do anything good. I know what I'm talking about =.=



... my own idealism is totally not cooperating with healthy common sense.
.... painting size... and final size (actually you see a bit more but ... you get the point). I know it's an idiotic obsession with details but.. but... but. It's DETAILS!

Some thoughts on details: I have to admit I hated painting details. I can't kid myself when I say I loved painting those 2 years ago. I hated it from the bottom of my heart.

It changed a lot and in two years I realized that it's a good practice like yoga. The longer you meditate over something and keep your inner demons at bay when all you want to do is scream and yank the computer off the table and throw it out the bloody window... the calmer you can get.
A lot of things stress me still now (like setting up the working color scheme and god, sometimes it's really hard- especially if the colors are not in my usual comfort zone) but details don't stress me anymore.

It's something I learned to love and I'm quite grateful for every job I got with tons of details because it meant I had to face my inner demons. A lot of artists neglect it and stick to their comfort zones, colors they love, lack of details blabla endless list. I understand sometimes it can be called "style" but normally I see it as a bad habit and no craving to take your art to another level if you keep doing only things your 100%ly sure you actually CAN do.

I am not fond of radical changes but whenever I can stuff something into my style and it's a good add-on and no distraction or harsh change my votes are totally up for searching and sticking to them... and searching for the next one.

What's your thoughts on the topic? Are you more of the "I against I" or "no need to change" type?


Lion Kiki Steps

and because I already uploaded it and it's no magic at all, just a very good brush
(click on the image to get redirected to the ... huge download >_< )

Basic steps as always:
flats (thankfully done by Lew)
more painting
adding a background color

It's really no magic at all and the brush won't do the strokes for you. In the end you have to be patient and play a bit with the brush opacity and flow.