I got myself for Christmas....

 ... obviously not Hantje. As always she's in her floaty boat watching lazily as I work... on comic pages. Actually the one you see is a reworked version of "anger a kitteh"... a page hopefully finished tomorrow. I so want to work on a snow page right now.
I got myself a Spyder4 Pro.
This tiny little stinker is essential for calibrating my screens. I have no idea if you ever had the chance to calibrate *your* screens but having a good screen also means you might want to invest in a buddy who helps you to see the actually correct colors. Nobody wants to be shocked in the final print version. Though I have to admit: If the printer messes up you'll end up shocked anyway. But it's a good start and for me essential.
IF you think "Oh shiny... me wants" check the Datacolor hardware. There are different versions of the Spyder. I had a OneEye before which was fine as well.

Tretel normally hogs the heater place. I am amazed he still fits in.


Jenny De La Torre said...

Hi! Love your blog and that spider thing is pretty nifty. I've been following your posts for a while now and seeing your kittens remind me so much of mine, especially your orange one. If you scroll down when you click on this link, you will see! ^___^


The orange one is Kaito and the other one is Kisa.

Frau Kirschvogel said...

I was wondering, whether you still like the spider4pro and its performance. Do you recommend it? In comparison to other colorimeters it seems to be quite reasonably priced but as usual, I've been reading a lot of pro and contra reviews. I would really, really appreciate your feedback on this.

All the best!