*click for full view... it's huge*

It's just a detail of an illustration I did for Saskia as a gift. She had an odd doodle version in her sketch book and I wanted to do something full color when I had some more time.

I worked with those pastel like brushes on my last board game project as well and it was fun to try out something different. Though you won't be able to see the many details in the final format (worked on poster size for promotional material right up from the beginning) it was nice and fun and I think it underlines the age group it's made for and the actual concept. I hope people will like it and I hope nobody will complain about flying eggs (which are supposed to be owls actually).

The brushes were from Deviantart- I tried to remember which set it was but since my library grew over the last couple of years (at least for faking natural media) I honestly gave up. So before anybody ask: No effin idea and I can't provide a link. Sorry.

I want to try doing a live wallpaper in that style and hope it works. It would be cool to have something more... natural looking for the android.


Lazytroll said...

Do I already said "it's awesome"!? but clicking I can only see the detail a bit bigger.
Anyway I love Owls. And this one is particulary cute :)

simplelooklet said...

So adorable!! xD

Kristin Fleming said...

Cool. I am going to have to snoop around DA to see if I can find them. I can only see the blown up detail but I love the colors your using.