Maybe the last... maybe... really...

Today I was curious and counted how many board-games I did this year... it's 7 1/2 (the Gingerbread expansion for Carcassonne is the 1/2). Freaking hell.
No wonder I didn't really do that many comic pages I wanted to do. =.= Theoretically it's 7 weeks for every game, some took one... some took way more. I always wonder how people who work full-time on board-games handle that (I don't and I won't) but since I enjoy the "party hard on all parties" option I guess it's keeping up the spirit.

I'll (hopefully) the manual illustrations for the last one tomorrow and I'm already soo looking forward for the finishing line. Theoretically. The after-glow normally keeps up till we have to prep the game fair material (subtitle: not that long).

For those who are curious: 4 will be released next year, 2 for kids, 2 family games, 1 of those a spin-off of a game probably everybody knows and it might be slightly shocking.

I am a bit fed up for this year and hope I can finish the last comic pages. My priorities were messed up though I have to admit I love the job and a project gets me excited like some girls an unlimited credit card plus a shoe shop.

I hope I can doodle again, upload some sketches, some nerdy cat pics, some... other pics and basically enjoy the spirit of a freelancer on a two-months break. It's luxury and I'll enjoy it.


Till I get restless again.


Bluetinman said...

I would like to work on games full time every day XDBut for sure i know this, If I'll ever make a succesful game I could just hope to have the cover painted by you

trenchmaker said...

just the cover? ;) Normally a game job means I do everything from logo to packaging to actual game material and manual. I think it's the nicest part to do the whole thing since it looks imo more "whole".
Have you ever send a game concept to a publisher? I know a lot are looking A LOT for new game concepts.

Bluetinman said...

+.+ I would never dare to hope in an entire job made by you, I would more than happy with just a cover or even something smaller ^^