Who needs Maru....

... if you have Tretel :D Same genes, same reaction to empty boxes... I really wanted to reuse this one but seems it's a useless battle.

Isn't it weird when people send you birthday wishes way to early? I always feel uncomfortable. O_o


Bluetinman said...

Never happened to me, but, on th other way I never received "sent" gifts, so probably that's the reason :)
Anyway dA tells me I can send you my cheers, so :
Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Tanti Auguri di buon compleanno!

Kristin Fleming said...

My cat does the same thing when I am packing things.

Yea it is weird when someone wishes you a happy birthday or gives you something early. lol I have moments. Does DA tell you know when birthdays are? Man I am so behind on features.