KAJAK merch @ Plötzlich am Meer

Jakob and Kaja prepare for the "Plötzlich am Meer" festival and we finally picked up the shirts and totes from the print company.
You can check out all different shirt and tote options on their facebook page:

and have a look at the awesome Phat Cat video:

Shirts and totes will be available at the festival. If you're not attending but want some goodies anyway poke them on facebook.


Something personal...

Since I already posted it on my Deviantart page... here we go. The occasion is nothing too "new" -at least not for us since we started to plan in December already. After nearly 7 years living happily "in sin" we'll tie the knot.

The card was printed by Laser-Line on 280 gr Mythos. If you ever consider getting something printed properly without much space for error make sure to check those things beforehand:
- have you chosen the right company for YOUR product
- do they offer a good support if you have any questions
- is the price reasonable
- what file format is required
- do they offer any job-options for the PDF-writer
- have you converted your image into the correct CMYK profile the company uses
- have you double checked the things above
- have a triple check on spelling and grammar... trust me, you'll regret it if you oversee something
- did you do a testprint and checked if everything fits
- what kind of paper do they offer and did you check the samples (I have a Black Box from Laser Line which came in REALLY handy)

I could add some more things and the final list is pretty long. Since a lot of stuff is happening at the moment I won't be able to post a lot in the next months but at least one of the reasons is a happy one. 



Usually I like to get asked if anyobdy wants to use my stuff for... anything... but since the music is so freaking wonderful...

Sorrow- 1988


Fühlzwerge -board game

"Fühlzwerge" will be released in September. It's a tactile game where you have to feel for the shapes of the different items.
The actual card illustrations were done by another illustrator- but are pretty cute nevertheless ;) It was fun to draw the characters... and a tooth gap.
The game costs around 15 Euro and can be purchased in stores, on Amazon and the online Schmidt Spiele shop.