Cats... again.. of course :3

Today we finally did the new kitteh-safe window in the bedroom. It's getting hotter and since the sun tends to fry us in the morning we have to open a window. Which was impossible without having everything kitteh-safe. I really don't want see my cats jumping down. O_o
Tretel looked like saying "Excellent, minion!"
Normally all I see of the cat is that: 
And normally I wouldn't sit on the bed before doing a double check with often results in seeing:
 Miss Hantje posing.... very rare.
 Kitteh Paw. She has that funny long hair poking out. Nyaaa...
one of those mug-shots i normally get... =.=
And Tretel being very pleased with the new HD birdie TV.


Oh noes! cards :D

Sorry for the blurred part. I have only one for customers and people I'd *really* like to keep contact with and that's probably not even 1% of people who happen to strand here by googeling smudgeguards, Intuos grips or Art S. buck mannekins ;)

Anyways, I'm happy they turned out like this. I wanted to do something totally different from the quite boring ones I had before and those fit 100%ly. More or less I wanted to test if the radioactive colours of my Eizo are the same when printed and thanks god it's not the case on the cards.


first auction phase is over & keeping short

... it was epic. I know the last minutes of an ebay auction are the most exciting but this rocked so much. I'm already looking forward to phase 2 and the final phase in 9 days.
I'm a bit very proud my illustrations did so well. And I hope the last two will do equally good.

The last two items can be found here and here. Both look much better in real life O_o

Since April's already rushing to the final days I decided to finish my new story. I really wanted to keep short but it's quite impossible. If you're used to 6 panels and have blank pages again it's like "I can write as much as I want".
And I already fear the point where my editor takes the red marker and erases all those funny little details I spend so much time on. Doh...
Anyways, I want to start getting my canvases out again, mess around with colors and mix my basic colors in jars. We collected so many, they scream for being used.

And I really started missing the fine texture of linen canvas and the feeling of scrubbing the color into it with a Morani brush. Nothing's better than finally getting a color right and having the final illustration finished. It's different from digital art and quite addictive and yes, I still worship acrylics.


Kitten- belated happy 1st b-day

 Both are still trying to squeeze into the little bed. I have no idea how long they'll be able to manage it. Tretel is still getting a little too big for snuggling. If he stretches out he fills out the whole bed.
Hantje and Tretel turned 1 on the 13th and I still wonder how big Tretel will get since he's growing and growing and growing... and doesn't seem to stop.
 ... nose still getting a bit lighter and thanks god his eyes stay the color they are now. I love those! Hantje sticks to amber with a little bit green. she looks all camouflage on the floor.
... and since it gets warmer that's the main hobby at the moment. Slumping down on one of the 4 floors of the kitteh post. Sad news is that their mother died :( It seems she just had too many babies (and I guess she couldn't compensate via cheap supermarket food or whatever she got).


Boom & a comic you should read :)

for work.... I have no idea how long it took to make it. again it's just a detail but I love how that part turned out. Nearly done with 50% of the first work-part and the more I work on those the more excited I am.

And now the goodie part:
Some people might still know "Aishite Knight" (in Germany the anime series was streamed as "Rock'n Roll Kids"). :) I recently found the books and after thinking about it I instantly bought those. Good old times when TV was good and didn't show series just made to sell products.

The books are quite thick which means for only 9 Euros you'll get over 300 pages including two color pages and a really fancy cover I'll write some more about later. :D Anyways, the whole series is completed in 4 books. The only (possibly) bad thing is: it's in French. I have to admit my French was never close to being perfect and I've been out of school for over.. uh... 8 years now (omg...).
It doesn't mean you have to be scared. My french was "enough" to get through the books without too many question marks over my head and though I didn't get every single word it wasn't too bad.
Honestly I think I spend more time reading those than with any other book I read. ^^;
The story is basically the same as in the anime and I was excited to see Shella and his group again and of course Guiliano. Man, how I love the cat!
The style is quite old-fashioned but alas, the series IS old. But I have to admit that the quality of the pages is much better than I expected. Though stumbling over some odd mistakes no editor would forgive nowadays it's fluently and I enjoyed the different faces a lot. Kaoru Tada had the -also nowadays very rare- gift to make every character 100%ly unique and just for that the books are worth... the French. :)
What I was suprised about was the cover. It SPARKLES. A lot. It's impossible to take a picture of it but every cover is partially coated with glittering varnish and it's oddly veryyyyy cool. One thing I love about the French publications is that the publisher tend to make those worth everything. I wish some German publishers would do that as well. I still want a sparkle cover for Kulla. Really >_<

Anyways, "Aishite Knight" is published by Tonkam and can be found easily via Amazon. I hope some hearts will flutter now. Hurry and get yours! :)



it might be earth...

... but actually it's not. Never was.. more like.. marble in his previous life. A stamp-size detail of a planet i just finished. It's work for another board game and I finally feel like getting closer to what it should look like in the end (after adding nearly hundred layers...i love Photoshop). Getting the textures done is the worst part O_o
So much for my Sunday.

Next to it I'm excited about the TOKYOPOP auction starting tomorrow. I hope my canvases will do well in the bidding.


huge TOKYOPOP auction for Japan

My publisher Tokyopop (Germany) started a huge auction. All proceeds will help Japan- which is why I donated some of my favourite artworks on canvas done for the Kulla series (for those who asked: working on book 4 right now :) ). All canvases are signed. If anybody is interested in which book those can be found let me know.

***Official text***
The staff of TOKYPOP as well as all our authors and artists have been deeply saddened by the recent events in Japan. The earthquake and ensuing flood have cost many people their lives and left many more homeless.

We also want to do something to help the people of Japan. Our artists Anike Hage, Anna Hollmann, Anne Pätzke, Asa Eckström, David Füleki, Inga Steinmetz, Marie Sann, Mikiko Ponczeck, Natalia Batista, Natalie Wormsbecher and Reyhan Yildirim have expressed their wish to auction signed originals of their work for the good cause. Akira Toriyama, the artist behind Dragon Ball, has also kindly allowed us to include an original drawing from 2002 in the auction. Plus, we will be auctioning prized display pieces from past conventions and book fairs, which we have often received requests for.

All proceeds from these auctions will go to the German aid association Aktion Deutschland Hilft. In this way, we hope to make a small contribution toward helping victims of the earthquake catastrophe rebuild their lives.

List of all artworks available

Link to the eBay Store

Link to the (German) Website Gemeinsam für Japan

First Auction starts at 18:00  (MEZ) on Monday, the 18.04.

Next to the awesome news that you can bid on original artwork of myself *hehe* the biggest whoa might be he fact that you can get one of the original drawings of Toriyama-san!

I cross my fingers and hope my canvases will find a new home. Anne

Questions? Shoot!

If anybody wants to spread news and help copy the official text into your journal.


so much for creative sparks...

.. while browsing for books on ebay i found this:
... listed as modern art (for 150-2800 bucks)....
wouldn't bug me so much if I didn't knew the art of Shunya Yamashita who happened to be the original creator of:

I'm really really ashamed that the "artist" who turned Yamashita's art into something -very personal and subjective opinion of mine- totally butt-ugly is actually German. Copy-pasta for 150 bucks?... cheapo.

If you ever consider doing art for living and don't want to be creative try to steal something NOT THAT POPULAR. Arg....


Chubs For Droid :D

shameless advertising >_<
We finally started uploading the first Chubbanimal Live Wallpaper. Actually it won't be the last if people love those. Jason and I have been working quite a while on new ones but the more we do the longer it takes since the concepts get bigger and bigger and oh well... bigger.
Anyways, I'm happy with the outcome and I had Bao on my own droid for a while and it's so cute when he's following you touches.
The LWP can be downloaded for free here
and the Donation Version here

Still working on nerd-stuff at the moment for Schmidt Spiele. It's a challenge but I'm still excited about the whole thing. Maybe because it's so very not cute.



seriously...this is not fair. and the insane amount isn't that huge since I replaced everything with ginger tea over the last months. Seems like the "fairly" normal dose plus being nervous about a concept presentation was a bit too much.